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Ether cloud mining service, (contribution works till 200% repayment).

Site: Cryptomonitor
Site language:
Payment systems: Bitcoin
Domain registration: 09/05/2015
Reff. system: Yes
Date Added: 16/01/2016
Works from day:
Service representative:cryptomonitor_net
Algorithms work: Dagger
Min. buy capacity: на 0.0005 BTC
Payment systems: BTC
Yield per day:0.13%
Term Ownership: till 200% back
Payments: Manual
Get currency: BTC
Referral program: 10%
Cloud mining ethereum
Test deposit / contract with the service Cryptomonitor:
  • Type of site
  • Status
  • Purchased power
  • Sum
  • Total disbursement
  • The forecast yield
  • Activity deposit
  • Cloud mining
  • Payinghistory
  • 2 MH/s
  • 0.200000 BTC
  • 0.225735 BTC/112.87%
  • 46.80%/year
  • Days: 465
Operations with deposits on Cryptomonitor:
  • Sum
  • Operation
  • Detail
  • Time and date
0.00024432 BTC
0.32 $
Receive payment +0.00024432 BTC 23:22, 27/02/2017
0.00027615 BTC
0.36 $
Receive payment +0.00027615 BTC 23:22, 26/02/2017
0.00026511 BTC
0.34 $
Receive payment +0.00026511 BTC 23:22, 25/02/2017
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insert_chartRating of service

insert_chartExact value4.67
supervisor_accountUsers count9
date_rangeFirst rate22/02/2016 00:29
date_rangeLast rate10/10/2016 01:17
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Comments to the service:
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17/03/2016 17:48Answer
Good news: Many have asked when you add other cryptocurrencies to the site to Deposit?

Now, on the tab DEPOSIT have ShapeShift - automatic cryptocurrency Converter, always with a good exchange rate. For Deposit in another cryptocurrency, just click on: Pay with ShapeShift - desired cryptocurrency to exchange and click on SUBMIT, send any amount to wallet you specified Deposit Address.

Available coins for exchange:
Archcoin [ARCH], Bitcoin [BTC], Blackcoin [BLK], BitcoinDark [BTCD], Bitcrystals [BCY], BitShares [BTS], BitUSD [BitUSD], Clams [CLAM], Dash [DASH], Digibyte [DGB], Dogecoin [DOGE], Ether [ETH], Florincoin [FLO], Feathercoin [FTC], Gemz [GEMZ], Hypercoin [HYPER], Litecoin [LTC], Maidsafe [MAID], Mintcoin [MINT], Monacoin [MONA], Mastercoin [MSC], Nubits [NBT], Namecoin [NMC], Novacoin [NVC], Nxt [NXT], Potcoin [POT], Peercoin [PPC], Reddcoin [RDD], Shadowcash [SDC], StorjcoinX [SJCX], Startcoin [START], Unobtanium [UNO], TetherUSD [USDT], Vertcoin [VTC], Counterparty[XCP], Monero [XMR], Ripple [XRP]

- Instant transactions
- Favorable exchange rate
- There is no fee for the service

Deposited will be in Bitcoin [BTC].
17/03/2016 17:49Answer
Tested Ethereum [ETH] the first mining farm on video cards and it is coming to an end. Soon will be starting another 6 Ethereum [ETH] mining farm.

First farm:

Stay tuned.
16/05/2016 20:59Answer
Now the site has a certificate and it is running in protected mode:
23/06/2016 17:43Answer
probably running in protected mode because etheriums are getting hacked every time you turn around. etheriums are what is causing all the crypto currencies to go down rite now because their security sucks.
26/08/2016 09:01Answer
Hi is this site really paying??? and how long has it been operating???
09/01/2017 22:25Answer
website is down
10/01/2017 00:00Answer
Hello all

We back very soon, have problem with hosting provider.
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