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Cryptocurrency rates
All Exchange Rates
Currency Course Code
Bitcoin 1 BTC
Litecoin 97.608590 LTC
Dogecoin 2564102.564103 DOGE
US Dollar 4440.01 USD
Eurozone Euro 3793.43 EUR
Russian Ruble 263721.00 RUB
Ukrainian Hryvnia 112832.00 UAH
Belarusian Ruble 34347800.00 BYR
Kazakhstani Tenge 1476920.00 KZT
Pound Sterling 3451.92 GBP
Japanese Yen 489156.00 JPY
Polish Zloty 16164.90 PLN
Canadian Dollar 5612.15 CAD
Australian Dollar 5602.83 AUD
Chinese Yuan 29640.30 CNY
Swiss Franc 4292.16 CHF
Swedish Krona 36061.70 SEK
New Zealand Dollar 6085.07 NZD
South Korean Won 5058730.00 KRW
UAE Dirham 16308.00 AED
Afghan Afghani 303230.00 AFN
Albanian Lek 502520.00 ALL
Armenian Dram 2110630.00 AMD
Netherlands Antillean Guilder 7854.68 ANG
Angolan Kwanza 736684.00 AOA
Argentine Peso 80053.40 ARS
Aruban Florin 7925.42 AWG
Azerbaijani Manat 7548.02 AZN
Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark 7417.92 BAM
Barbadian Dollar 8880.02 BBD
Bangladeshi Taka 357212.00 BDT
Bulgarian Lev 7418.36 BGN
Bahraini Dinar 1674.05 BHD
Burundian Franc 7670340.00 BIF
Bermudan Dollar 4440.01 BMD
Brunei Dollar 6065.21 BND
Bolivian Boliviano 30778.50 BOB
Brazilian Real 13999.40 BRL
Bahamian Dollar 4440.01 BSD
Bhutanese Ngultrum 284832.00 BTN
Botswanan Pula 45217.20 BWP
Belize Dollar 8894.83 BZD
Congolese Franc 7049410.00 CDF
Chilean Unit of Account (UF) 106.64 CLF
Chilean Peso 2869040.00 CLP
Colombian Peso 13123300.00 COP
Costa Rican Colón 2550030.00 CRC
Cape Verdean Escudo 417222.00 CVE
Czech Koruna 98763.70 CZK
Djiboutian Franc 790011.00 DJF
Danish Krone 28209.90 DKK
Dominican Peso 208172.00 DOP
Algerian Dinar 489221.00 DZD
Estonian Kroon 15183.90 EEK
Egyptian Pound 79003.30 EGP
Ethiopian Birr 103106.00 ETB
Fijian Dollar 8937.53 FJD
Falkland Islands Pound 3451.92 FKP
Georgian Lari 10608.80 GEL
Ghanaian Cedi 19624.80 GHS
Gibraltar Pound 3451.92 GIP
Gambian Dalasi 201887.00 GMD
Guinean Franc 39268300.00 GNF
Guatemalan Quetzal 32083.40 GTQ
Guyanaese Dollar 909728.00 GYD
Hong Kong Dollar 34737.40 HKD
Honduran Lempira 103186.00 HNL
Croatian Kuna 28050.20 HRK
Haitian Gourde 284400.00 HTG
Hungarian Forint 1155300.00 HUF
Indonesian Rupiah 59305200.00 IDR
Israeli Shekel 16102.00 ILS
Indian Rupee 284645.00 INR
Iraqi Dinar 5165600.00 IQD
Icelandic Króna 485338.00 ISK
Jersey Pound 3451.92 JEP
Jamaican Dollar 563526.00 JMD
Jordanian Dinar 3147.97 JOD
Kenyan Shilling 458840.00 KES
Kyrgystani Som 304949.00 KGS
Cambodian Riel 18180700.00 KHR
Comorian Franc 1857970.00 KMF
Kuwaiti Dinar 1340.51 KWD
Cayman Islands Dollar 3677.19 KYD
Laotian Kip 36566400.00 LAK
Lebanese Pound 6648030.00 LBP
Sri Lankan Rupee 680742.00 LKR
Liberian Dollar 507886.00 LRD
Lesotho Loti 58449.90 LSL
Lithuanian Litas 3350.72 LTL
Latvian Lats 682.02 LVL
Libyan Dinar 6061.56 LYD
Moroccan Dirham 42188.00 MAD
Moldovan Leu 79321.70 MDL
Malagasy Ariary 13026500.00 MGA
Macedonian Denar 233569.00 MKD
Myanma Kyat 6019100.00 MMK
Mongolian Tugrik 10842800.00 MNT
Macanese Pataca 35552.70 MOP
Mauritanian Ouguiya 1610640.00 MRO
Mauritian Rupee 148609.00 MUR
Maldivian Rufiyaa 68915.80 MVR
Malawian Kwacha 3220250.00 MWK
Mexican Peso 78764.70 MXN
Malaysian Ringgit 19070.20 MYR
Mozambican Metical 272239.00 MZN
Namibian Dollar 58585.90 NAD
Nigerian Naira 1609500.00 NGN
Nicaraguan Córdoba 132584.00 NIO
Norwegian Krone 35249.10 NOK
Nepalese Rupee 452910.00 NPR
Omani Rial 1709.47 OMR
Panamanian Balboa 4440.01 PAB
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 14391.10 PEN
Papua New Guinean Kina 14007.10 PGK
Philippine Peso 227928.00 PHP
Pakistani Rupee 464999.00 PKR
Paraguayan Guarani 24588100.00 PYG
Qatari Rial 16165.20 QAR
Romanian Leu 17382.60 RON
Serbian Dinar 452726.00 RSD
Rwandan Franc 3722190.00 RWF
Saudi Riyal 16649.60 SAR
Solomon Islands Dollar 34410.90 SBD
Seychellois Rupee 60144.40 SCR
Sudanese Pound 29462.80 SDG
Singapore Dollar 6065.82 SGD
Saint Helena Pound 3451.92 SHP
Sierra Leonean Leone 33303400.00 SLL
Somali Shilling 2552630.00 SOS
Surinamese Dollar 33024.80 SRD
São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra 92944000.00 STD
Salvadoran Colón 38608.20 SVC
Syrian Pound 2286410.00 SYP
Swazi Lilangeni 58451.40 SZL
Thai Baht 147666.00 THB
Tajikistani Somoni 38893.00 TJS
Turkmenistani Manat 15316.90 TMT
Tunisian Dinar 10652.90 TND
Tongan Paʻanga 9722.65 TOP
Turkish Lira 15644.80 TRY
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar 29755.60 TTD
New Taiwan Dollar 134629.00 TWD
Tanzanian Shilling 9941630.00 TZS
Ugandan Shilling 16058000.00 UGX
Uruguayan Peso 126884.00 UYU
Uzbekistan Som 18332400.00 UZS
Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte 45422.10 VEF
Vietnamese Dong 100913000.00 VND
Vanuatu Vatu 467999.00 VUV
Samoan Tala 10951.30 WST
CFA Franc BEAC 2488330.00 XAF
Silver (troy ounce) 261.05 XAG
Gold (troy ounce) 3.46 XAU
East Caribbean Dollar 11999.30 XCD
CFA Franc BCEAO 2488330.00 XOF
CFP Franc 452677.00 XPF
Yemeni Rial 1109910.00 YER
South African Rand 58598.40 ZAR
Zambian Kwacha 39920.10 ZMW
Zimbabwean Dollar 1431400.00 ZWL
Cuban Peso 114330.00 CUP
Iranian Rial 146229000.00 IRR
North Korean Won 3996410.00 KPW
Currency Course Code
US Dollar 4440.01 USD
Eurozone Euro 3793.43 EUR
Russian Ruble 263721.00 RUB
Ukrainian Hryvnia 112832.00 UAH
Belarusian Ruble 34347800.00 BYR
Kazakhstani Tenge 1476920.00 KZT
Pound Sterling 3451.92 GBP
Japanese Yen 489156.00 JPY
Polish Zloty 16164.90 PLN
Bitcoin 1 BTC
Litecoin 97.608590 LTC
Dogecoin 2564102.564103 DOGE
Peercoin 2756.187641 PPC
Terracoin 60569.351908 TRC
Novacoin 1833.382224 NVC
Namecoin 2808.830965 NMC
Dash 18.402481 DASH
Curecoin 17982.377270 CURE
Monero 88.495575 XMR
Ethereum 14.273765 ETH
Ethereum-Classic 308.166410 ETC
Megacoin 30674.846626 MEC
DigiByte 312500.000000 DGB
Worldcoin 96805.421104 WDC
Auroracoin 6211.180124 AUR
GameCredits 2173.771276 GAME
Bottlecaps 3448275.862069 CAP
BATA 11494.252874 BTA
Franko 255102.040816 FRK
Gulden 59066.745422 NLG
Goldcoin 24437.927664 GLD
CHNCoin 518134.715026 CNC
Bitbar 1417.113057 BTB
Sexcoin 467289.719626 SXC
DNotes 81433.224756 NOTE
WildBeastBitcoin 1994.733902 WBB
Florincoin 92764.378479 FLO
Casinocoin 854700.854701 CSC
Maxcoin 1000000.000000 MAX
Blakecoin 432900.432900 BLC
Vertcoin 10030.090271 VTC
UFOcoin 100000000.000000 UFO
Diamond 997.197874 DMD
Einsteinium 99108.027750 EMC2
Orbitcoin 15420.200463 ORB
Feathercoin 84245.998315 FTC
Verge 1785714.285714 XVG
Nyancoin 14285714.285714 NYAN
StartCoin 106951.871658 START
Phoenixcoin 847457.627119 PXC
Quatloo 719424.460432 QTL
Emerald 571428.571429 EMD
Groestlcoin 35868.005739 GRS
Digitalcoin-SHA-256 38270.187524 DGC
Quark 185873.605948 QRK
MonetaryUnit 30931.023817 MUE
SaffronCoin-SHA-256 2631578.947368 SFR
UniversalCurrency 787401.574803 UNIT
BBQCoin 5000000.000000 BQC
CannabisCoin 198412.698413 CANN
eMark 480769.230769 DEM
Aricoin 9090909.090909 ARI
Securecoin 4545454.545455 SRC
Spots 2040816.326531 SPT
Zetacoin 187265.917603 ZET
Mazacoin 14285714.285714 MZC
BeaverCoin 434782.608696 BVC
Viacoin 4210.349038 VIA
Myriadcoin-SHA-256 4761904.761905 MYR
Unbreakable 20316.944332 UNB
Titcoin 952380.952381 TIT
HAMRadioCoin 25000000.000000 HAM
Freicoin 11111111.111111 FRC
Acoin 57077.625571 ACOIN
TEKcoin 33333333.333333 TEK
Unobtanium 59.385597 UNO
Tigercoin 1666666.666667 TGC
NeosCoin 4105.427375 NEOS
Joulecoin 1204819.277108 XJO
Zcash 20.198348 ZEC
Zclassic 3283.748728 ZCL
Crown 5640.476056 CRW
Belacoin 17692.852088 BELA
ScoreCoin 1136363.636364 SCORE
ArtByte 549450.549451 ABY
Mooncoin 100000000.000000 MOON
Catcoin 328947.368421 CAT
BitcoinCash 14.471780 BCH
ZenCash 842.616155 ZEN

Cryptocurrency rates

Lot of people is sure to have heard about such notion as “bitcoins”. They have appeared in 2009 having provided various interesting options like blockchain.  This technology became the basis for various forks which differ by mining algorithm and usage goal. Later it gave basis for the appearance of so called cloud mining. You can check details about it at appropriate section of our portal.  Initially few people knew about the appearance of bitcoins. This made its price equal to approximately 1USD.  Now the situation is totally different and too much people are tracking the bitcoin exchange rate.

Firstly the BTC exchange to material values occurred May 22, 2010, when American developer P.Hanich transferred 10 thousand bitcoins to one of the miners.  The miner has ordered pizza for him in reply. Afterwards this date is an international day of crypto currency.

In April 2011 important American magazine has issued an article titled as «Cryptocurrency». A month later the price of BTC has grown into 9 times. That very time the site of drug sales “Silky way” became available to a wider range of people. This event has increased the rate of BTC up to 30 USD per 1 BTC.  But such fascinating growth of price could not last for ages. the price of BTC has started to drop down in ten times in September.

New maximum of 1 bitcoin which is equal to 30USD has been marked in February 2013. Since that moment till April 2015 it had been constantly growing having reached the level of 266 USD per one BTC.  Exactly that time TV channels and other media became actively interested at this topic having described it from all sides.

Everyone who is interested at this digital currency knows about bitcoin online rate instability. Most of the participants had been preparing for rate significant drop down in 2013. Everything has occurred in a totally different way, though. You can easily make sure about this having viewed the statistics. The most shocking event of that time has been the lack of AMD video cards. Despite the fact that sellers have grown their prices in almost a half, all plates had been sold almost in a moment

It is worth mentioning November 28 2013 as well. That time BTC cost almost 1200 USD per one BTC. The same occurred at the beginning of 2014 as well, though this year was not very good for BTC currency in general. Industry experts compare it to the year 2011. That year everyone had been waiting that BTC prices will grow after drop down. But it didn’t occur. Next 2015 didn’t give significant changes as well. Only some growth. The year 2016 has been marked by the growth in three times.

 This way having started with the price of around 0,003 USD bitcoin price has grown within 8 years to extremely high level of around one thousand dollars. It is sure to look really impressive.

You can track bitcoin rate in real time mode in our web site. Besides this you can find here a lot of fresh and useful info about this topic.

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