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HYIP monitoring

This hyip monitoring contains HYIP projects with profitability from 60% per month (2% per day to 5%). The risk for investment, but also a possible quick profit. Hyip projects we monitoring here, are more risky than middle profitable HYIPs though the risk is compensated by the amount of profit.
Our team conducts constant monitoring of highly profitable hyips to provide you with up-to-date information about them. We constantly update the information about services in order to protect you from possible financial losses.

We remind you that on such projects you can both win and lose, because beforehand no one knows the intentions of the admin, but we can understand its capabilities, looking at the quality of the project and the smoothness of the promotion and of course our hyip monitoring.

HYIP monitoring - High Profitable HYIPs
Min. deposit
Altcoiner Payment systems: Bitcoin Added: 30/03/2017 Language: Works day(s): 38Investments
0.01 BTC

Investments in BTC.
Minimal withdrawal: 0.001 BTC (Instant).
Accruals from 3.36%/day. Hourly accruals. Withdrawal of deposit available after 5 days (commission - 5%).

0.200000 BTC 0.181440 BTC
Days: 27
3.36%/day Paying Latest Activity: Receive paymentDate: 26/04/2017
CoinHash Payment systems: Bitcoin Added: 24/04/2017 Language: Works day(s): 5Investments
0.01 BTC

Investments in BTC.
Minimal withdrawal: 0.001 BTC (Auto).
Accruals ~3%/day, floated profitability.

0.150000 BTC 0.003960 BTC
Days: 1
2.64%/day Paying Latest Activity: Receive paymentDate: 25/04/2017
Detron Payment systems: AdvCashBitcoinPayeerPerfect Money Added: 26/04/2017 Language: Works day(s): 58Invesments

Investments in BTC, USD.
Minimal withdrawal: $1 (Instant). Accruals from:

  • ~2.3%/day, floated profitability.
  • 2.5%/day for term 60 days. The deposit is included in payments.
200.00 $ 0.00 $
Days: 0
Paying Latest Activity: Increase depositDate: 26/04/2017
Status Description:
Paying - Paying regularly, there is no problem with the service
No deposit - No test deposit
Not paying - SCAM / closed
Problems - The service has problems with enrollment or with payments
Table fields:
"Amount" - Amount of test deposit
"Paid" - Paid at the moment USD, percentage of the return, the duration of the contract with the service
"Profit" - Profitability % per day
"Min. deposit" - Minimal possible deposit
Green Bar, EV extension to the SSL certificate
One full circle = 365 days
Warning: HYIPs investments are highly risky, never invest the amount, which loss will be critical for you. The real income may differ from the one presented in the table, since it is affected by many factors: the exchange rate, the time of entry into the project, the availability of promo events at the time of investing.

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