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Bitcoin - history, features and advantages of internet investments


What do we know about bitcoin? Many people who are interested at crypto currency and profitable Internet investments ask about it on a frequent basis. Talented scientist Wai Daem and professor of law and economics Nick Sabo from George Washington University were the first ones who spoke about the idea of bitcoins creation in 1998. Some Satoshi Nakamoto was the first one who brought this unique idea to life.  Besides this his identity is still unknown. No one knows whether it goes about one person or about group of persons.

The community considers the year 2009 as the year of bitcoin birth. That year Satoshi has completed the development of one range P2P-network, which he has started to develop in 2007. In couple of years they have published first network bitcoin client, which they have launched via that network.Nakamoto has surprisingly disappeared for everyone in April 2011 having taken around one or one million and half BTC as they are frequently called. No one still knows anything about Nakamoto. Various investigations and searches gave nothing. Though the research results made Sky Gray have confirmed that the aforementioned Nick Sabo can be related at least to technical documentation development in case if he had no relation towards the creation of the system itself.

Briefly saying bitcoin is so called digital coin with some cryptography information meeting specific standards. The commonly adopted title for this currency is BTC. The minimum sum which you can transfer in bitcoin network is equal to 0, 00000001 from one coin and has got its title – “satoshi” in honor of its creator. The BTC operates solely in this network and is being managed by the user with the help of network client (wallet). You can use specialized stock exchanges for BTC exchange to traditional currency.

Moreover this virtual currency which is impossible to dub or copy has some features which make it totally different from other currencies. One of such feature concerns its decentralization. Bitcoin has no source of emission, which supposes any centralized control over it. Each system participant has equal rights with an unlimited amount of coins being in possession of each bitcoins owner. Plus all participants have the right to use these coins at their sole discretion.

Another advantage for user lies at the fact of independency (on the papers, at least) from all external factors including political conflicts, states regulatory policy and other various external factors affecting traditional currencies. While the latter point makes us doubt a little bit as 90% of BTC transactions took place at three stock-exchanges only - Bistamp, BTC-е and Mt.Gox. Till recently the overall share of small stock exchanges made around 10%. But since October 2013 their transaction amounts are constantly dropping. The Mt.Gox stock exchange has filed bankruptcy notification in February 2014. According to the stock exchange administration the reason for such action as the hackers attack which has causes the loss of 850000BTC worth of 500 million USD.

Another important feature of this currency lies at its complete anonymity; the payments are not controlled by financial institutions and the addresses don’t contain information about their owners. Actually the address is presented in form of the line containing both Latin letters and numbers. Moreover the unified base of wallet owners is absent. Though it is not surprising that such fact attracts both on-line investors, who are interested at profitable   Internet investments  and the ones who want to take up illegal and half legal financial operations
Unlike traditional currency the maximum amount of bitcoin emission is both known and automatically limited. This amount is equal to 21000000. When this crypto currency reaches such level the emission will stop and it will take place according to calculations in 2140.

New BTC will automatically appear at those using hardware capacities of their PC for math calculations making during transactions confirmation and provision of bitcoin network security. This exactly the way the BTC are mined (mining -natural resources extraction). Currently this is the only way of bitcoin emission. In order to save mining interval equal to 10 minutes the correction algorithm of complexity takes into account the mining speed for last period. It means that the daily quantity of mined BTC remains unchanged at constant growing of PCs amount taking part at mining. It means in its turn that the share of each participant of bitcoin network is constantly decreasing. Mining complexity has increased in 50 times for last four years.

Bitcoins mining is profitable only in case if electricity and equipment expenses return (the amount of mined BTC is directly proportional to equipment capacity). Now cloud mining  is becoming more popular as a way of investment in crypto currency. You can check the according section of our portal
There are another ways of bitcoin getting: purchase them as payments for goods and services, buy at bitcoin stock exchanges or appropriate stock exchanges.

Bitcoin emission limitedness is the main reason justifying the growth of bitcoin exchange rate in accordance to traditional currencies. I.e. constant supply and growing demand. It makes in its turn bitcoin to be rather attractive investment instrument and the instrument of currency speculations despite the fact that it doesn’t have anything valuable under it.
Initially its cost has been equal to 0,003$. The first significant growth of bitcoin exchange rate occurred in June 2011. That time bitcoin exchange rate made 29,57$. Afterwards the exchange rate dropped down. One of the reasons was the hacking attack at the most important crypto currency stock exchange Mt.Gox. Just compare current bitcoin exchange rate and the exchange rate of that period and you will understand a lot.

Now a lot of current currency stock exchanges offer the possibility of bitcoins exchange into electronic money or one of the traditional currencies. Web Money - one of the most important electronic currencies providers has announced in May 2013 the introduction of new currency WMX. It provides the possibility to exchange bitcoins into other currencies such as WMZ, WMU, WMR.
Time will show if this crypto currency has future. Mysterious origin of bitcoin creator on the stage when bitcoin has gained popularity makes rather negative influence on it as none knows true intentions for this currency implementation. While it causes some concerns about its usage feasibility. Despite this fact the bitcoin popularity keeps growing, by thus enabling it to use on goods/ services sales purchase transactions worldwide. Another bitcoin advantage: if on-line casino uses it as stakes currency it will open more features for  players playing on-line roulette.

Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuations in comparison to traditional currencies give the possibility of profit gaining and its presentation as investment instruments set. The risk is an indispensable part of it as well. Novices can get bitcoins free of charge at bitcoin cranes, having taken some efforts for it, of course. You will find more details at our web resource.

You are the one to decide. Everything depends on your motivation and ability to catch new!

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Cloud Mining20/06/2017 23:47
Hello every one....I would need some experienced BitCoin maker advise ....I'm actually beginner,recently find out about bitcoin and Im trying to make something of it :) ,lost some money on face investments...It seems for me its very far away to make a Coin :)
What I would like to ask there are couple of mining and investments sites here,seems to be real,not faces ----How many of them I can registered ???,can I have mining at couple of web sites?,or just one?...and same question for investment sites?
Bitcoin Faucets22/06/2017 13:47
gossipone (Faucet System)
Middle profitable HYIPs24/06/2017 17:19
Hi, Could you test for Hashrev. Is it genuine or fake?
Here's the link (deleted link)
Middle profitable HYIPs24/06/2017 17:21
Hi, Could you test for Hashrev. Is it genuine or fake?
Here's the link (deleted link)
Mining calculator25/06/2017 01:37
Where is the device cost?
Payments stoppeding out today. Stuck "pending withdrawal"

Bye bye Bithonest
this HYIP makes my bunghole VERY ANGRY!!! ehehHHehEH
I need some TP to wipe my HYIPhoolleeeeee
NOT paying out after 21 days investment period (as promised)! Just another big SCAM!
Please admin, inform other potential investors ASAP, coz this HYIP site is not even willing to pay out to first investors and them waiting already for 21 days (as an investment period and as an option to choose from) !
Ultra profitable HYIPs25/06/2017 10:46
bithonest pending payment
(deleted link)

highly rmended
Think they are a Scam. I made a deposit last week . It is in the block chain, 103 confirmations. Nothing showing in my BTChain account. No responses to my requests for help from them. Guess those Bit Coins are gone.

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