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How to foresee scam. New realities in HYIPs world

09/02/2016 00:00
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The fall of powerful HYIP projects has become unexpected surprise even for lot of professional Internet investors. The only natural question which arises in this situation lies at the fact of possibility to foresee sudden scam of specific HYIP.
Below we will try providing criteria helping to get the idea on the matter of this or that hyip selection. Is the project promising 30% of profit on a monthly basis worth to be selected? We select the following moments allowing to access on how the HYIP is far from zone risk:

- Amount of promised profit;

- Web site exterior, captivating legend;

- Progressive growth pace;

- Target audience wide geography.

First of all it is worth understanding why the wish to make the investment to HYIP offering the highest percentage turns out to be the most risky. The opening of high amount of attractive projects makes at some moment the monthly profitability of some hyipes to be rather difficult task. Last failures in this market segment continue prompting the clients decrease. Of course it is obvious that the money invested before will be used for percentage payments and new money for the investments return will not come. Golden middle of 10% - 20% monthly profitability gives the grounds to foresee project longer duration.
It is natural that the project management body provides the information about project team to attract new investors. The so called legend gives the colorful description of team huge work experience; provide some registration documents and contact details. I.e. all the information which makes the client thinks that this business is really existing and legal. It is worth searching the investment options among such projects. At least they have found time and investment for project launch and plan to exist as long as possible. As it is almost unreal to check such information we don’t recommend considering it as single criterion of hype selection. Having accessed the legend and marketing technologies it is worth paying attention to the following.

We think that it won’t be a secret for anyone that the sum of invested deposits should be bigger than the amount of money which should be paid to the investors for the reported period and this is the core of long term existence for hypes and casual banks. Stability in this matter is the best option and main criterion to define whether this project is worth to be invested. At the same time it is worth paying attention both to the growth sharp drop down and increase, which allows making the conclusions about this HYIP existence duration.

Too fast growth of investments amount can be the scam reason as well. You can take preventive actions having learned the selected HYIP stability growth issue. The request to provide information on financial status will be enough. Those who don’t have financial problems don’t have the reasons to hide something from their investors. If you get the refusal it can be reason to doubt whether to invest money or not.

Another criterion of HYIP perspective is its targeted orientation for the citizens of many countries, not one or two. It is worth paying attention to the following: the option to invest in different currency and web site English version.

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