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  • Cloud Mining

    Would you like to participate at digital currency mining?

    But your recourses are not enough?

    You can find lot of cloud mining offers but remember to pay attention to our verified companies list.

    Such stable companies is almost win-win investment option.

  • Cryptocurrency rates

    Modern cryptocurrency market is related not to BTC only.

    Our mining calculator will help you to understand which digital currency is the most profitable to mine.

    Our portal presents nearly all currencies together with information about their mining complexity. will tell you everything about the world of cryptocurrencies, mining and internet investments.

  • Hyips

    Would you like to earn at internet investments?

    Our portal will provide you with the information about the most perspective HYIP projects in the following three categories:

    Ultra profitable  – from 5 to 15% daily.

    High profitable – from 2 to 4.9% daily.

    Middle profitable – from 0.1 to 1.9% daily.

  • Bitcoin games

    This section is designed for gambling fans. Here you can find good internet resources, where you can play and earn Bitcoins.

    Economical games, online casino, roulettes, slots, dices and even minesweeper.

    Our list contains both simple and realistic games and the games where you have to think about correct strategy.

    Enter Bitcoin games and make your bets.

  • Bitcoin Faucets

    If you have just started your journey in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin faucets is a rather convenient way to earn some satoshis.

    Earn Bitcoins without investments.

    You can find the most profitable faucets in our top list.

    The list contains all required information such as claims interval, the amount provided for one time and minimum withdrawal amount.

  • Cryptocurrency rates offer convenient instrument of cryptocurrencies exchange rate monitoring. portal will provide you with the most up-to-date information about exchange rate fluctuations.

    Assess the profit from timely purchase and sale of own assets.

    Get maximum profit at stock exchanges.

  • Service review

    Tens of new investment projects appear in the network every day.

    Sometimes it might be hard to understand which project is worth paying attention to. it might be hard to understand if the design is unique, if marketing really work and if website has strong technical characteristics. There even might be the cases when it is hard to understand how to make deposit or order payment.

    Want to know the details about specific HYIP projects? Check our service review page.

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About Bitcoin

Such notion has entered financial sphere less than ten y ears ago but has significantly influenced influence spheres, Bitcoin is considered to be the first currency which has been developed and acting in Internet only.

Unlike standard currency the alternative currency has been launched by Internet users and don’t depend on state or bank regulations. The first cryptography currency –Bitcoin has been created by anonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Its existence principle lies at decentralization and complete anonymity.

BTC emission occurs due to the resolution of complex mathematic tasks, where thousand computers around the world simultaneously participate. They use specific software allowing math calculations making at a high speed.

Unlike state currencies printed in a paper and constantly losing their price at the account of papers growth the BTC is completely digital currency, they exist online only and their uncontrolled manufacturing is impossible due to the specific traits 9of emission algorithm. Cryptocurrency code supposes limitation meaning that all Internet users can mine only 21 million of its units. Afterwards the process of mining will stop. Bitcoin is shared into huge amount of parts for transaction easiness. So called cryptocent has got the title in the honor of its developer “satoshi” and is equal to 0,00000001 btc.

What provides BTC liquidity as its physical equivalent simply doesn’t exist?

Recently state currency has been backed up by golden assets. Now GDP is the main index. Bitcoin is the product of math calculations. Users get reward only in case if they solve math task. Anyone can launch mining software and start “mining” - i.e. do Bitcoin mining from any part of the world. While it is worth taking into account the following that the process will stop after mining of 21 million coins and miner will get lesser reward for each solved math task.

At the same time the cryptocurrency exchange rate is constantly growing. The more complex Bitcoin mining is the more expensive its exchange rate will be. Now lot of e-shops and companies accept this currency as a payment for goods and services. This currency is being sold and bought at specialized stock exchanges and some professionals get it as a salary.

BTC main details and its difference from other digital currencies (Webmoney and others):


This network is decentralized and each participant acts as so called regulator. System operates on a stable basis without interference of state and banking institutions. Any digital currency is s payment instrument registered at some state and observing currency state regulations. Cryptocurrencies exists only in network and is not regulated in anyway.

Availability and simplicity.

It is convenient wallet allowing to make instant transactions without any limitations. It doesn’t have any commissions, any bureaucracy like with common bank accounts or standard digital currency.


One of the main advantages the BTC is valued for. Wallets addresses aren’t connected neither to the name, nor to real bank details not to email.


Cryptocurreny algorithm stores information about all transactions starting from the first one.

Lot of industry experts and casual users have already named Bitcoin as a currency of the future due to its wide functionality, convenience and various advantages in comparison to other digital money. They are possibly right.

Recent events
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14/01/2019 09:25 change status Etherlite ProblemsNot paying
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05/01/2019 13:25 change status Bit-trend PayingProblems
04/01/2019 06:35 change status Zonders PayingProblems
03/01/2019 15:17 new publication investment project Section: Project Reviews
30/12/2018 17:02 change status Cryptolux ProblemsNot paying
30/12/2018 17:01 change status Bitprime PayingNot paying
28/12/2018 12:17 change status Bitprime ProblemsPaying
28/12/2018 06:33 change status Bitprime PayingProblems
27/12/2018 07:21 change status Cryptolux PayingProblems
26/12/2018 13:15 change status Bitprime Waiting for paymentsPaying
24/12/2018 16:45 change status Dm-trade ProblemsNot paying
23/12/2018 16:51 change status Bitsler PayingProblems
23/12/2018 16:38 change status Fortunejack PayingNot paying
23/12/2018 14:01 change status Dm-trade PayingProblems
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23/11/2018 16:33 change status Splitt PayingWaiting for payments
23/11/2018 09:51 change status Btc-pro PayingProblems
23/11/2018 09:43 change status Blueforex PayingNot paying
22/11/2018 10:00 change status Virrex ProblemsNot paying
22/11/2018 06:30 change status Changepro ProblemsNot paying
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10/11/2018 07:43 change status Nettachain PayingProblems
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09/11/2018 17:49 change status Tensortrading PayingProblems
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08/11/2018 19:08 change status Cryptocontrol Selective paysNot paying
08/11/2018 17:49 new publication Sia cryptocurrency Section: Useful Articles
08/11/2018 13:09 change status Summercoin PayingProblems
08/11/2018 09:52 change status Bitproof ProblemsNot paying
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07/11/2018 12:20 new publication Steem cryptocurrency review Section: Useful Articles
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05/11/2018 12:33 change status Gucci7 ProblemsNot paying
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News during last 30 days
Last comments and opinions
Last: 16/01/2019 | All comments: 3089

rich game

Cloud Mining26/12/2018 11:17

Всем привет! С наступаюим.....

Earn Bitcoin / Coinbulb26/12/2018 12:24

once we made 0.005 BTC, what will be minimum withdrawal amount?

Earn Bitcoin27/12/2018 15:49

Всем привет!

Ultra profitable hyip28/12/2018 01:06

hi adam. i was invet to btc midas too . but ma requst still pendiing. also they give you your profit or not ? is they have payment at all ?????

Bitcoin Faucets29/12/2018 02:04


Bitcoin Faucets29/12/2018 02:06



for me Genesis-Mining Dash contracts (radiant) are pure scam, since quite 1 month i dont have any activity (zero) on my contract, i receive more from a Dash faucet ...

Bitcoin Faucets31/12/2018 16:24



First instant payout from Etherlite ! Thanks to Bcm for rcb ! :)

Earn Bitcoin06/01/2019 05:53

Btc clicks paid me before ,although just 10k satoshi

Earn Bitcoin06/01/2019 06:09

Any free miner, successfully withdraw from satominer?

Mining calculator / BTC06/01/2019 10:07

hi every one

how to invest in site and mine?

how to work?

please explain 0

Mining calculator / BTC06/01/2019 19:26

You can find useful information in the video about how to use our portal

when many day will take for insurance. lost in zonder and bit-trend

Applications for payments are collected 2 days after the scam. we wrote to you in the mail. We are waiting for you to clarify the calculations.

Nur Solehah
Mining calculator / LCC06/01/2019 15:06


High profitable hyip06/01/2019 22:26

oooof , bit-trend scam. insurance ? ?

High profitable hyip07/01/2019 16:50

applications for insurance can be submitted today and tomorrow

High profitable hyip07/01/2019 21:41

where is the application ? i cant find it. please dont answer me after the time to insurance is over.

High profitable hyip08/01/2019 08:27

find the answer in this article

this is not fair, i did not got any notice for scam from, then how you will consider two days. you should give a notice when we get scam & we are your refferal.

if the situation does not change, then the scam and the beginning of the collection of applications will be announced only tomorrow. While the project is given the status of "problems" as a warning do not make new deposits. Finally, we can change the status tomorrow - at the end of all holidays. since this project you are interested in according to the rules pays only on weekdays

what do you mean? The collection of applications for this project has not even started ...

Nobody refused you. we are still waiting for confirmation screens from you.

You can receive notifications about the status change of any project. for this you need to activate the newsletter at the top of the page of this project

where are your confirming photos? we write to you and the mail and here. time of bit-trend insurance expires today

Bitcoin Faucets08/01/2019 21:00


Earn Bitcoin16/01/2019 06:32


Hyip Monitoring16/01/2019 16:55

Thanks for Etherlite insurance compensation !

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