Nobody likes this method. Why? Imagine spending 8 hours before the monitor screen and imagine doing it every day. Some would say that it is a little different from working in an office, but it is not. Bitcoin faucets mean by entering a CAPTCHA and pressing the buttons. All day. If this is yours - you can earn 150-200 thousands Satoshi a day, but I remind you that this is 0.002btc, or about $ 2 a day. Even if you soak a month in this mode - at the end of the month your coffers replenished only 60 dollars, and the sight will fall into several diopters.  The support of investments is the only thing for which the satoshi  faucets are suitable. We recommend you selecting two or three nice web sites that distribute large sums at large intervals, and access them several times a day. Yes, the amount of profit will be small, but it might be a good support if you choose to invest your satoshi in any project or find a profitable strategy game.

You can earn bitcoins without investments on cryptocurrency faucets. This page provides the best of them. If you have just begun your journey through the world cryptocurrency, the bitcoin faucets is a suitable way to collect a certain amount of bitcoin. You will receive a reward for each captcha input. The creators of bitcoin faucets expect that users will click on the advertisement, which is abundant on these sites. Users can get their payments from funds received from advertisers.