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What is HYIP and how to earn on it?

17/05/2018 00:00
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What is HYIP and how to earn with it?

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is such an investment project that pays out incomes to its first investors from funds that were invested later. Generally, it goes about some kind of financial pyramid, where the very first users receive income from those who got registered and invested afterward.

The concept of HYIP project

The phenomenon HYIP notion appeared on the Internet not so long ago — roughly in 2014-2015. Initially, such projects were presented as resources that have been simply offering users a quick way to earn money.

Over time, the future financial pyramids improved and put on a new and modern design. The projects were popularized as a method for quick earnings (a lot of advertising helped here), which confidently promised a profit, however, not mentioning the high risks associated with such an investment. On the contrary, most HYIPs position themselves as crowd-funding projects, which raise funds to start something (some kind of business, for example), though they did not plan to do anything.

The term HYIP is often used to refer to Internet pyramids. In most cases, such project is more like an investment fund. Nevertheless, you can get an honest profit even on HYIPs, in case if you know how. In this article, we will share some secrets of working with this type of investment projects.

Stages of HYIP project development

Most of HYIPs have several phases of development, among which are:

  • Stage of investment
  • Stage of development
  • Stage of funds collection and profit getting
  • Stage of loss
  • Stage of scam (project completion)

As it is clear from the above titles during the first three stages user has all the chances to enter the project and get profit from invested amounts. As a rule, each phase can last from several days to several months. After a certain time, new investments get less frequent, and the already existing reserves become to expire. All this gradually leads to the stage of loss. Sooner or later, the administrator of such a project makes a decision to close the already unprofitable service.

So, this is the reason to invest in HYIPs at the stage while they are on top — that is, during the first two stages. This is the period when gets stable investments and can bring a relatively predictable income.

In addition, it is important to get out of this HYIP project in time before the beginning of the loss phase. The sooner such an investor manages to get back the invested amount of money and take the profit, the greater chances to retain profit are.

HYIP projects’ categories

Generally, HYIPs can be divided into three categories:

Next, we are going to review each category in details.

Average profitable HYIP

Average profitable HYIP suppose the projects with daily interest rates amounting to 0,8-2,6%. The rate can be higher if the deposit is included in payments.

In most cases, experienced investor deposit in such projects rather small amounts, as the investment of greater sums might cause quite a fast project scam. Such situation is explained in a rather simple way — the profit is paid from new investments. Accordingly, the payment of profit under huge investments can be impeded due to the lack of funds for payment and project fast closure. Usually, such projects last from two months to one year.

High profitable HYIPs

High profitable HYIPs suppose internet projects offering their investors significant profit from 60 to 100% if some conditions are observed and financial cautiousness is applied. Financial cautiousness supposes the skill of timely withdrawal of the investment and obtained profit. Investment professionals consider such projects as Russian roulette as most of them are becoming the scam in a day or two after opening and exist not more than one week or two.

A lot of factors should be taken into account when selecting such projects for investment. But the main thing is to understand that fortune does not drop from the sky and huge money is not an instant matter.

Ultra profitable HYIPs

Such projects are the riskiest ones and capable to bring their investors from five to ten percent a day. Users should be extremely cautious and make a thorough assessment of factors providing the possibility to earn much profit. So our next step will be to review such factors.

The algorithm of registration in HYIP project

The process of registration in any HYIP is quite standard and simple. The new user takes the following steps:

  1. Direct registration by creating a user account in the system.
  2. Account setup — filling in the necessary fields of the user, entering needed personal data.
  3. Entering user’s payment details (like crypto wallets, e-payment systems etc.).
  4. Determining of the appropriate tariff plan and opening a deposit.
  5. The process of profit withdrawal (better on a daily basis).
  6. The process of deposit and profit withdrawal on the expiration of deposit term.
  7. Participation in the affiliate program.

The work scheme of the majority of HYIP projects

In order to start his own HYIP project, the organizer (or administrator) does not need much effort or resources: most standard HYIPs can be organized just by one or two persons. In addition, such persons can simply find inexpensive HYIP scripts on the Internet — the templates that require additional configuration, interface adjustment, further uploading to the server and connection to electronic payment systems. The cherry on the cake lies at such system launching.

Difficulties come later: when the project has been already launched, it is necessary (but not always easy) to promote it, so that new users will know about it and start to invest. Usually, the administrators could use the help of the special HYIP monitoring sites, which monitor new investment projects, so helping to facilitate the task and attract new users.

What is the most common scheme for most HYIPs? As a rule, there are several main stages:

  • Creators or principal administrator of the HYIP launch the project. It is better to make the immediate promotion of HYIP on popular thematic forums.
  • New investors come to the project as soon as it develops. In most cases, the first ones who come are the experienced investors, who have been working with HYIPs.
  • After first investment receipts, the funds are distributed in the following way: admin takes a percentage of each deposit, makes affiliate pay-outs and leaves the rest on user accounts, allowing the withdrawal in accordance to Terms and Conditions of HYIP.
  • As soon as the participants feel the approach of scam stage, the most experienced of them withdraw funds and quit the project.
  • As soon as the new investment stop and project admins see that there are no new to come, they close the project and leave the rest of the funds for themselves.

How to reduce your risks from participation in HYIPs

The participation in HYIP investment, getting profit and securing yourself from various monetary losses requires payment specific attention to money and risk management. This can be done in the following way:

Diversification supposes the distribution of your investment capital between several investment projects, so you can reduce the risksDiversification is often used as a key element of risk-reducing in the investment process. The trader/investor distributes these funds among several similar assets/projects instead of investment the entire money amount in the one asset or project. If one of them closes or appears to be a scam, the investor will be able to get a profit from the rest of projects
Referral programsIt is better to get registered at investment project using affiliate links provided by monitoring services (specific monitoring sites keeping track the dynamic of investment projects — HYIPs development). The usage of affiliate link provided by HYIP monitoring service provides the possibility to get a bonus from monitoring service — RCB.
Analytical approach to work and sober evaluation of various functional elements of the project. The analysis is a method that helps to consider the project, identify fraud and make the decision about cooperation possibility to invest in this or that HYIP. It is recommended to analyze the launch date, interest rate, total number of project participants, amount of deposited and paid funds. Moreover, it is important to pay attention to the size of the reserve capital and amount spent for the advertising campaign. These criteria will help to understand the quality and the level of project implementation.

The basic rules for working with HYIPs

In spite of the fact that most of the HYIP projects are nothing more than a standard financial pyramid, you can get profit if you observe some simple recommendations:

  1. If you want to make money with some HYIP project — try to enter it the earliest possible way, better at the very beginning, when the project has just started. You can trace this moment having searched professional forums for the traders and investors. As soon as first investors have already started to receive payments, they will actively share the experience to other users of such forums.
  2. Try to choose the most flexible investment plan — better with the ability to freeze funds for a minimal term.
  3. Do not invest in the same HYIP twice — your goal should be to register, make money and get out of the project. Those who participate in HYIPs more than once, usually lose.
  4. Make profit and withdraw it regularly and as often as you can. Typically, the frequency of withdrawal will depend on the specific investment plan: for example, if the profit is charged on a daily basis, then it is better to display it every day, if once a week, then weekly, and so on.
  5. Study the design of the HYIP — the accuracy of the site, its interface, the absence of errors in the text and quality design should be intuitive and suspicions-free.
  6. The presence of documents on the site — a small, but still a plus to the karma of its creators.
  7. Do not make deposits with your last money, use free money or do not invest at all.
  8. Try to withdraw all the profit before a seasonal vacation such as New Year or the beginning of summer. During these periods, administrators try to “grab the bank” and “drain” such project as soon as investment flow expires as a rule.
  9. Diversify risks and invest in different projects — this will increase your chances of success. If you will lose in one project, you will still make a profit with the remaining ones.
  10. Do not pursue promising advertising: try to analyze your financial situation and the feasibility of the project you plan to invest.

Use these tips before you start to invest in another HYIP project. Remember that modern financial market provides a lot of opportunities for investment so you have the possibility to select the project, which you consider to be the less doubtful. This is the only way for you to learn how to analyze the state of the market, calculate your risks and assume possible profit or loss. Only, in this case, you will learn how to select the most correct investment method and get real profit.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly developing and brings something new, so stay with us and remember to subscribe to our pages in FacebookTelegram  news feed channel and YouTube  channel to stay in touch about all updates of cryptocurrency world!


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