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Tokens-shares and tokens-coins

07/04/2018 00:00
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Difference between token-shares and token-coins

Initially cryptocurrency has been designed as a unique payment mode, which does not subject to any state authority and works using the decentralization principles.

The year 2018 has become the year of cryptocurrency notion expansion. Now this notion is more reflected by “token definition”.  Token supposes digital unit with the following options:

  • it can act as payment mode;
  • it displays equivalent price of any existing asset, which others have managed to digitalize and transfer to blockchain system;
  • both two aforementioned approaches.

Tokens can be classified based on various criteria. Such criteria might differ depending on the functions the coin performs. Not to plunging into details we can mention two big categories of the tokens. It goes about token coins and tokens shares. That is why we will next speak about their specific traits and where better to invest.


Tokens-coins suppose payment systems, which are perfectly suitable for short-term speculations and fast exchange transactions between users.

Most investors use the following scheme for getting profit from tokens-coins:

  • they find perspective project with cheap tokens;
  • they make off-take in frames of stipulated project;
  • Next they wait until coins become more expensive. usually it takes place when project team starts the implementation of previously approved plan;
  • Afterwards they fix profit and shift to another stat-up.

But bear in mind that the scheme we have provided above does not work with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Such cryptocurrencies have investors trust, support on the behalf of some countries and high capitalization level. That is why they are best to work on a long term basis.

In our article about top 5 perspective cryptocurrencies for investment we have recommended to pay attention to BitcoinPrivate. It goes about token coin which has appeared in February 2018 and has been added to stock exchanges on 10th of March 2018:

  • on the 10th of March 2018 the price of Bitcoin Private has been 65USD;
  • on the 12th of March the price of this token has been grown till the level of 85USD.

In case if investor has bought 1000 tokens of Bitcoin Private within this period he could have earned 20000 USD within these two days.


Tokens-shares have more functionality in comparison to tokens-coins. They help to conduct payments, get dividends or combine these two options. Such flexibility provides convenient usage of tokens-shares both for short term speculations or long term investment.

Investors use the following scheme to earn on tokens-shares:

  • Investors find good project with perspective tokens;
  • They conduct purchase on all stipulated budget;
  • They wait for the moment when the price of tokens together with paid dividends will exceed the level of initial investments;
  • Part of profit is being fixes, while the rest remains in tokens-shares. It is done hope that profit from dividends and price from coins will continue to grow;
  • Then investors sift to next start-up and repeat the entire cycle.

Little warning: we have described the algorithm of profit getting at tokens-shares which is far from being universal. It goes about the most widespread scheme followed by most of the users. The details of investment will depend on the specific details of selected project. In case if you want to decrease the risk feel free to read article “Crypto investment portfolio”.

We have set good example of profit getting at token shares in our article «Globatalent, blockchain platform review». Let’s revise brief idea:

  • there is talented sportsman who does not have money for career development;
  • he gets registered on blockchain platform Globatalent and he will collect required sum with the help of investors;
  • sportsman gets collected money to his account and investors get tokens-shares in return;
  • sportsman is developing, attracting sponsors and starts getting good profit;
  • 25% of profit is being wired to investors- the holders of tokens shares;
  • such situation lasts within 15 years.

Besides dividends investors can get additional income at the account of tokens-shares price increase. As the transaction is done via smart contract, the parties are protected from fraud and free change of agreement conditions.

With what tokens-coins and tokens-shares are being mixed

Tokens-applications and tokens-coins.

Tokens-applications or useful coins suppose tokens created for the payments of internal services in eco-system of some blockchain project. Such tokens are not implemented into stock exchanges and can’t be directly transferred to other users outside project. The following actions should be performed for transactions conducting:

  • convert token application into token-coin(for example in BTC);
  • transfer token coin to another user.

Next in case if user gets some specific useful coins he can convert obtained token coin into required cryptocurrency unit.

Tokens-shares and credit-tokens

Such credit tokens resemble MMM tickets in some way:

  • users transfer real money to the developers of cryptocurrency project;
  • they issue credit tokens for attracted capital;
  • in order to keep real money in frames of cryptocurrency project, all users get reward in form of credit tokens;
  • as soon as stipulated term finishes the owners of credit tokens can convert all obtained profit into real money.

If cryptocurrency project team works good, everything will be good. Money will be forwarded for the development of network and everyone will win. If something goes in wrong way you will be involved into cryptocurrency pyramid.


In case if you use correct approach you can earn both on token-coins and token-shares. Everything depends on budget, goals, time and skills to select perspective projects.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly developing and brings something new, so stay with us and remember to subscribe to our pages in FacebookTelegram  news feed channel and YouTube  channel to stay in touch about all updates of cryptocurrency world!


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