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Stratis (STRAT) cryptocurrency: review

05/03/2019 18:00
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Stratis cryptocurrency (STRAT)

Stratis stands for specialized platform helping private companies to launch decentralized applications and shift business processes to blockchain. It goes about the project which simplifies the procedure of blockchain technologies implementation into business. Official website. The Stratis platform has appeared in August 2016 and registered in Great Britain London by Stratis Group Ltd company. This platform has own coin titled as STRAT. Since the moment of its appearance the STRAT has quickly grown the capitalization amount and has got its place at TOP-100 of the leading cryptocurrencies, capable to compete with Ethereum and NEMO it terms of functional characteristics. But let’s shift to more details. This article will tell you about Stratis specific traits, options, its developers and forecasts if it is worth investing into it in 2019. 

General characteristics

At the stage of ICO, the price of Stat cryptocurrency has been at the level of 0,007 $. This price had been keeping within the first half of the year after ICO. Then the price has been sharply pumped and the coin has grown in price till the level of 10,8 $ (May 2017), and 21,21 $ (January 2018). As Startis developers mention, the ICO of Strat cryptocurrency has become one of the most profitable in history and allowed the first investors to get around 212 000%. It means that if you had invested 100 $ in Strat at ICO stage you could have earned around 21 200 000 $.
The fast growth after ICO has been related to Stratis platform positioning as the project related to consulting services in the sphere of blockchain titled as BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-service. It supposes that any company can contact Stratis representatives and order the development of own blockchain. Such cooperation option is profitable for business owners as they do not need to spare funds for the development and maintenance of own blockchain network. They can get ready development which will be optimized and settled for the performance of existing tasks. Such cooperation scheme is convenient for Stratis representatives as STRAT cryptocurrency gets practice application, straighten its position and constantly expanding to the audience of various business- segments.
Microsoft stands for first large scale corporation which has paid attention to the technological advantages of Stratis project. Stratis blockchain basis has become the basis of the part of cloud platform Microsoft Azure. Afterward, the Stratis platform has settled the partnership with cryptocurrency stock exchange Changelly, payment platform Anycoin Direct, Ledger manufacturer and other companies.

Blockchain specific traits

Stratis differs from other projects by simple and flexible blockchain, which can be built taking into account the individual needs of any large-scale companies. There are no limitations on the number of parallel blockchains, which can belong to one corporate user. If the company has several networks they will be interrelated and simultaneously separated by specific security protocols.  Such structure will not influence in any way for the failure of one blockchain on the operation of other networks.  This technology has got the title “Side Chain”. Let’s review an example to understand the essence of its operation. 

The Stratis platform supports Side Chain technology the option for the main blockchain to function and interact with other blockchains

The difference from Ethereum platform 

Stratis resembles Ethereum platform based on functioning mechanism: it enables financial transactions conducting, smart-contracts creation, ICO organization, and multi-profile blockchain applications development. Though there are some differences which we are going to present in the table below. 

Ethereum platformStratis platform
Does not support anonymous transactions.Support TumbleBit protocol, designed for anonymous transactions conducting. 
Wide application sphere.Firstly the project is designed for the financial sector and business segment.
Proof of Work consensus method.Proof of Stake consensus method.
Cross-platform has not been implemented, the issue with scalability and connection of new options.Side Chain cross-platform support as there are no problems with scalability so all missing functions can be taken from other blockchains.
The platform has been written at Solidity unique development language. Developers have to pass training and study the nuances for the ready source code for its usage. The platform has been written at popular development languages like Microsoft Net framework and C#. It means that the developers do not have to pass additional training and they shift their business to Stratis ecosystem faster. 
All smart-contracts are concluded at main blockchain which can slow the Ethereum ecosystem in case of overload.Side chain can be used for the smart-contracts conclusion. It eases the ecosystem and makes transactions faster.
No specific fund with fiat.Part of the reserve fund is transferred to fiat making financial companies easier to conduct transactions via Stratis platform.

Stratis Group company plans the development of own academy where each developer can better study all the options of Stratis platform. I.e. business owners can get both ready blockchain solution and have qualified Stratis specialists working for their companies. 

Official wallets

Stratis Core. Main wallet, which stores the entire copy of Stratis platform blockchain. Stratis Core can also be used as a node and get profit for STRAT cryptocurrency storage. The scheme of profit obtaining looks like that: first you need to make a wallet and wire 250 000 STRAT coins there. Next, you have to activate specific protocol transferring Stratis Core to the status of the node. Afterward, you have to store the coins and monitor the Stratis Core always available in online mode. The new block will appear once in a minute. The user gets one STRAT coin for each block. The existence of nodes provides Stratis network stability and accumulates STRAT coins at cryptocurrency wallets. In the future, it will create cryptocurrency deficit as in theory the cost of STRAT coins should increase.
Breeze Wallet. The light version of the official wallet, which does not contain the entire blockchain register. Breeze Wallet is designed for financial transactions and acceptance of payments in STRAT and BTC. Breeze Wallet will be convenient for all users who are not interested in mining by means of node creation as well as for those who do not want to take too much memory on their gadget. Despite blockchain light version this wallet is equipped with security protocols monitoring and blocking all fraudulent servers. In other words, the Breeze Wallet does not take too much place and warrant transactions security.
Breeze with Privacy Protocol service. It goes about specific wallet containing blockchain full version and suitable for transactions masking via TumbeBit protocol. Breeze Privacy will be suitable for organizations and users aiming to provide maximum security of conducted transactions. For example, if companies do account settlement with large amounts the activation of TumbeBit function will not allow thieves to catch payment or know transactions details. Everything is confidential and available for parties’ use only.
Stratis Ledger Wallet. On January 18, 2017, the Ledger has posted in Twitter the info that it has added Stratis to its cryptocurrency list. It does not mean that STRAT coins can be stored in “cold storage” mode. Cold storage supposes crypto storing at specific device not connected to the Internet and which can't be hacked by thieves. The Ledger wallets are exactly such devices. They can be of several options and have some set of additional functions. In 2019 the STRAT coins can be stored at four cold wallets such as Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue and Ledger Live. Check Ledger official website.

Ledger Wallet cold wallet for STRAT coins storage

Stratis technologies sphere of application 

Stratis stands for multifunctional blockchain system, which can be integrated into almost any sphere of activity. Now the active development takes places at four directions like medical researches the sphere of the Internet of things, quality control, and financial technologies.
Medical research. Scientists, doctors, and all interested parties get access to decentralized data based built at Stratis blockchain. Such control will help readers and all interested users to obtain up-to-date information, which can’t be altered by publishers, researcher or editors. It means that it excludes the influence of central moderators with the authorities to enter the system and edit data for their own purposes. Stratis helps to exclude any amendments or make the way they are instantly fixed and define the subject who decided to make amendments to already published material. Some medical entries might have specific limitations which might open access to the information for authorized personnel only.
Internet of Things. As Stratis platform has Side Chain technology support it could not help developers to avoid the scalability issue. It means that Stratis blockchain enables the use of any applications created for the Internet of Things from smart housekeeping to smart city design. Let’s suppose that the representatives of some large city have purchased Tesla buses with autopilot functions. If they address Stratis representatives with the request to settle city logistics they will get approximately the following:

  1. all buses can be transferred to autopilot and settled for 24/7 operation while each bus will have own schedule and itinerary.
  2. the schedule can be altered, corrected or canceled any moment. If you need to remove A bus and place B instead all you need to do is to insert data into blockchain and get the desired result.
  3. the following scenarios will work in case of emergency. For example, in case of a car accident the bus will do the following:
  • Stop at nearest safe parking place;
  • Call dispatcher, reserve bus for passengers, emergency and provide video for victims’ condition visual assessment,
  • Call the police and provide them with car accident video,
  • Call other required services and simultaneously perform other required functions.

All information being entered to blockchain, not available for hacking and can be updated in online mode.

This example has been to highlight that Stratis platform is oriented both available market products and future technologies when automatics and smart cities will become a causal notion. 

Quality control systems. A lot of commercial spheres can confirm the presence of unreliable manufacturers creating fakes or selling low-quality products. Stratis will help to solve this problem. It works in the following way: each manufacturing stage is added with specific quality metric making required calculations and download this information to Stratis blockchain cloud. The obtained information is being stored at decentralized servers available for viewing from any device and can't be hacked by any third-party users.
The manufacturer has provided low-quality product > you have checked the information at Stratis blockchain database > found discrepancies > got proofs to file to court and reimbursement payment.
Financial technologies. Stratis platform can be applied in the following directions:

  • The increase of conducted payments security,
  • Clearing transactions management,
  • Personal data and important information protection,
  • Conducting of trust deals and working with identification bases.

Besides this, any financial organization can contact Stratis representatives and transfer their unique service, which is incompatible to other platforms or in case of the developers didn't manage to make it compatible to other platforms, to the blockchain. Stratis platform offers various flexible solutions, which can be adapted practically for any business segment.


The year 2016. In June the Stratis team has conducted ICO, which has attracted 600000 USD (around 915BTC for that moment) for Stratis platform. In one month the blockchain test version appeared and roadmap with the tasks till the year 2017 has been developed. All tasks had been divided into seven stages and contained the following goals:

  1. Preparation of software for the launching main platform, and other Stratis products.
  2. Stratis cloud test version development.
  3. Side Chain test version development.
  4. Launching of consulting department capable to maintain business and help companies to shift their business to the blockchain.
  5. Preparation of software required for normal operation of Stratis platform, wallets, and mobile applications.
  6. Popular programming languages adaptation for Stratis ecosystem needs.
  7. Presentation of long-term development strategy.

By the end of October, the Stratis representatives had agreed on the cooperation with Microsoft and started the development of Azure BaaS. By November they completed the first preparatory stage and conducted the first transaction via Stratis blockchain platform. By the end of the year, the Stratis cryptocurrency has managed to enter into the listing at Poloniex and Bittrex; launched Stratis Academy; conducted re-branding and marketing campaign, describing the technological advantages of Stratis blockchain.

Stratis roadmap for 2016-2017 

The year 2017. In the first quarter of this year, the Stratis platform has been presented at blockchain conferences in London, US, and India. Stratis has concluded a first cooperation agreement with Earth Twine company (seafood supply), which has decided to shift its logistics system to Stratis blockchain.
By the third quarter they have completed most of the preparatory works required for the launching of Stratis platform main elements:

  1. They have completed the design of Breeze Wallet: the product is being tested at an external network and getting ready for integration with Stratis ecosystem.
  2. They have released the trial version of Stratis Identity, the application making convenient to check users’ data authenticity.
  3. They develop Stratis Master Node Alpha service, which stands for specific software capable to increase the number of nodes in the network. It has been initially designed that only those users who have 250 000 STRAT on their wallets balance can get profit for coins storage on their wallets. When Stratis service Master Node Alpha will be launched the investors having lesser sums will be able to earn on storage as well. They plan to make offers for the owners having 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 STRAT.
  4. They have prepared Sidechains Alpha service, which can link programming languages C# /NET with Stratis platform blockchain.

In the fourth quarter of the aforementioned year, they have conducted another series of tries for Stratis Academy, Sidechains system, platform for ICO and smart contracts. All products are in working conditions and ready for the shift to the main ecosystem. At the end of the year during blockchain conference in Northern America Stratis settles cooperation agreement with Gluon.

The year 2018. In January they settled partnership with the community of C # Corner Partnership developers’ community. Right after this, the Stratis platform has been integrated into international trading company titled as Beyond Global Trade. At the very same period, they launched roadmap for the first half of the year. The tasks are the following:

  1. Simplify interface and make Stratis platform more convenient for developers and test everything at product beta-version.
  2. Make corrections to Breeze Privacy wallet protocol and prepare it for new researches.
  3. Сomplete testing, issue complete node and implement it into Stratis ecosystem. Afterward, the holders of 250 000 STRAT can get profit.
  4. Optimize the ICO platform and prepare it for first customers.
  5. Complete the testing of Stratis Identity service and transfer it for research to Apple company.
  6. Make preparatory training for Stratis Academy and get ready for the acceptance of first students.
  7. Conduct the set of additional testing with Sidechains technology and smart-contracts.

At the second half of the year, Stratis developers continued working over announced technologies and published the release of some new wallet. Here are the main ones:

  1. Development of Stratis cold wallet Stratis Cold Staking for STRAT cryptocurrency safe storage.
  2. Implementation of Stratis DLT technology, which allows companies to limit the publicly available blockchain functions and make network individual setting.
  3. Issuance of Stratis Core crypto wallet with the function of the complete node.
  4. Reinforce security technology at Breeze crypto wallet.
  5. Increase the amount of content and prepare new training courses for Stratis Academy.

In September 2018 the Stratis directors have announced about settling partnership relations with British e-pharmacy Meds. In October Stratis Group Ltd has become Microsoft corporation certified partner and got access to the corporate clients from 190 countries of the world. I.e. the Stratis Group Ltd representatives will settle contacts with new corporate clients with the help of Microsoft. In December they concluded the agreement with blockchain company, titled as MediConnect, oriented for the sphere of pharmaceutic business.

Stratis roadmap for the fourth quarter of 2018

At the end of December 2018, the Stratis representatives have announced the large scale launching of Side Chain technology and platform for smart-contracts. After the release of ready products, the company has announced several plans for the year 2019. First of all, the developers plan to launch another Side Chain, which will simplify the operation of STRAT cryptocurrency holders. Also, they plan the appearance of new Stratis Core new wallet, which will work with smart contracts. No roadmap in February 2019 yet. 

Stratis Core wallet prototype for smart-contracts deployment 

Project team

Christopher Trev. Stratis project general director and CEO. He specializes in the development of software, architecture and blockchain design. Participated at the launching of Fitalize internet company and World of Tanks Blitz online game. He has developed The Viral Exchange for bounty companies conducting. Any user can register here, perform some tasks and get tokens of new ICO start-up or popular cryptocurrency as a reward.
Policarpo Guerrero one of the executive directors, who is responsible for the following directions: development of operational business strategies, marketing, coordination of Stratis project external divisions. Since 2013 he invests into blockchain technologies, acts as the co-author of OpenBazaar decentralized protocol, headed MSCorp company and worked as a business consultant for Nokia in Latin America.
Nikolas Dornier, the leading developer and one of Stratis ecosystem creators. Before participating at this project he used to work as a teacher and trained the developers of large scale corporation to work with.NET Framework platform. Certified instructor of Microsoft company.
Dan Gershony, the leading developer responsible for the following directions:

  • Blockchain technologies integration with the following software programming languages such as .NET and C#;
  • Side Chain technology development;
  • Stratis products relation with Microsoft company technologies.

Earlier Dan used to work as software engineer at Microsoft, Solid Soft, Fujitsu и Blinkbox. He designed hybrid cryptocurrency wallet CoinVault multi crypto and launched cross-platform blockchain application Nako.
Paul Aderonmoe, the project senior manager, participating in the planning and launching of large scale-corporate products. Ten years of experience with large-scale companies and financial institutions. Used to be the director at Barclays Global Investors, HSBC Investments and Commerzbank.
Carlton Pringle, the director of Tumblebit developers department. Specializes at Agile/Scrum and the processes of Microsoft .Net / C# applications development process.
Stratis media team consists of the department of invited specialists, who will be responsible for the promotion of content related to the Stratis platform operation.
Chris Dann the founder of Skill Incubator and Сrypto trader. Hosts YouTube channel (more than 40 000 followers), Twitter blog (more than 15 000 followers) and makes articles for website.
Rocky Darius, bloggers, strategists and crypto trader. The founder of С, the website where the information about cryptomarkets, blockchain technologies, and industry news is being published.
Dan Baynebridge specializes in partnership marketing and traffic generation. He participated in the construction of advertising network titled as С, showing more than a billion views on a monthly basis.
Stratis consulting department consists of the group of invited specialists helping Stratis Group to settle correct strategic goals.
Ceasar Castro the advisor on the exponential growth. He has helped to increase the shareholder value of America Movil, Nokia, and Microsoft for the hundreds million USD. Owns own consulting company Escalate Group, which is oriented for the products promotion in the sphere of the Internet of Things, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.
Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner, regional director of Microsoft, entrepreneur, chief consultant on the strategies and general director of Mindcracker Inc. helps Stratis Group company to build the relationship with large-scale international companies and implement Stratis platform blockchain into their business.
Vitaly Yeremia, the charter manager of Escalate Group. He specializes at the researches of shareholders capital, corporate finances, and assets assessment. He cooperates with start-ups and prepares investment reports for investors. His work is to ask inconvenient questions to assess the true perspectives of the new project.
Another Stratis group division is a remote group of experts, invited for non-standard tasks solution. As soon as new partnership appears the Stratis team gets expanded and invites new blockchain developers.

Coins characteristics

The STRAT cryptocurrency is a calculation unit at Stratis platform. Despite the fact that the official website mentions STRAT coin as a token it is a full-scale coin, in fact, i.e. the cryptocurrency with open blockchain and open source code. It means that technical issues of other cryptocurrencies will not be reflected at the price of STRAT. For example, if the Ethereum gets some security failure it might harm other platforms built on the basis of ERC-20 standard. But it is not the case of Stratis.
The Stratis team has conducted ICO in July 2016. In August STRAT coin has entered first crypto stock exchange and inserted into coin website rating. In 2019, 59% of STRAT coins are traded at Binance. Another 13% are at Bittrex and 8% are traded at Upbit. Other coins had been distributed between other trading sites. There are 99,2 million coins in circulation as per the year 2019. This number can change any moment as the developers didn't set the emission limits.
Let’s analyze the dynamics of STRAT exchange rate:

  1. On August 12, 2016, the listing took place and the coin has been traded at the level of 0,013 $.
  2. Since August 2016 till March 2017 the crypto exchange rate has been flat and the price of coin did not exceed the level of 0,11 $.
  3. Since March till June 2017, the first wave of uprising trend has been started and it has caused first historical maximum one STRAT has been worth of 10,85 $.
  4. Since June till November 2017, the low-rise correction has been started and the price has dropped till the level of 2,41 $.
  5. Since November 2017 till January 2018 the second wave of uprising trend has been started and the new maximum has been fixed at the level of 21,21 $.

After the renewal of maximum, the new wave of continuous low rise trend has been started and ended at the end of 2018 having returned the price of STRAT till its initial values. I.e. starting from November 2018 till February the price STRAT can’t exceed the level of 1 $.

The schedule of STRAT crypto movement

Let’s open and check the schedule the Stratis directors plan to conduct within the next several years. For now on we can see three events so far:
On the 23rd of December, the Stratis platform has acted as one of the sponsors of British boxer James Diggale
On June 19-20 2019 the developer Jordan Andrews will participate at blockchain conference in Amsterdam
On the 25 of April 2019, the developer of smart contracts Rowen de Haas will participate at the blockchain conference in London.
All the aforementioned events have a marketing character and can’t significantly influence the price of STRAT cryptocurrency. The team does not have other long term goals and it is not understandable when the roadmap for 2019 will be published. All we have to do is to wait for updates and monitor the news at the official website.

2019 forecast 

A lot of cryptocurrency experts consider Stratis to be the perspective project which will reach the historical maximum in 2019-2020 and the coin price reaches the level of 25USD. We disagree with this and consider that STRAT cryptocurrency has a lot of drawbacks and no pre-requisites to exceed the level of 1USD. If you decide to invest in this coin be sure to make it with long term perspective and monitor that Stratis share in your cryptocurrency portfolio did not exceed 3%. If you have difficulties with selection be sure to check our table mark the most important aspects and get the right decision based on them.

Stratis platform offers convenient technological solution offering the shift of business process of commercial companies to the blockchain system.In practice, the project has limited application sphere and can't boost other strategic partnerships except for Microsoft. 
In March 2019 the STRAT coin price is less than 1USD and reached its historical minimum. In February 2019 the company does not have roadmap and important events capable to reinforce the STRAT exchange rate.
The Stratis platform has been integrated into Microsoft cloud services at the account of Side Chain technology and can be applied in any sphere.Stratis does not have the signs of the third generation platform. The developers did not foresee the functionality, responsible for interaction with state authorities. Check more details about this in the article about Cardano cryptocurrency.  
The Stratis ecosystem has been built at popular programming languages available for the most part of developers.STRAT coins have unlimited emission so any moment you will be able to see any amount of cryptocurrency. While only those users who have more than 250000 STRAT on their balance can mine coins in 2019. The functionality for small-scale investors has not been developed yet.

There are various scenarios of crypto wallets usage: you can get profit for coins storage, conduct anonymous transactions, make bets for speed or transfer all cryptocurrency for cold storage.

Besides the integration with commonly used programming languages, Stratis does not offer any unique technological solution and competes to other cryptocurrencies. Here is just a small list:
Ethereum, EOS, IOTA, NEO, Waves, VeChain, Qtum, Lisk, BitShares, Cardano.As soon as Ethereum or other more financed project cope with its basic tasks the demand for Stratis platform might disappear at all. 

The project has own academy where developers learn the usage of Stratis platform entire functionality. They also have a consulting department helping causal users to check all the advantages of STRATIS platform blockchain. In June 2017 and January 2018 the STRAT cryptocurrency has been pumped. It means that there are some artificial influencers of cryptocurrency exchange rate so any moment it can be both increased or decreased. 

Readme: editors’ team does not call any readers to invest or refuse from investments into some project. We just assess available information and share our point of view. The final decision is always yours.

Cheat note at Stratis cryptocurrency

We have aired our point of view on Stratis cryptocurrency. Feel free to write at the comments if you agree or disagree with our statements. Waiting for your feedbacks and reminding the article main thoughts:
1) Stratis stands for the platform reminding the Ethereum. Here users can conduct payments, create blockchain applications, make transactions secret and earn at coins storage.
2) Stratis platform blockchain has been built on the popular programming languages like (.Net / C#), so developers can be easily trained and user ready templates.
3) Stratis platform supposes Side Chain technology allowing to make the connection with other projects blockchain.
4) The project has own academy and consulting department helping everyone to understand Stratis ecosystem.
5) Microsoft uses Stratis technology and Ledger has prepared for Strat coins the cold wallet titled as Stratis Ledger Wallet.

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