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Profitable online investments

12/07/2018 00:00
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Why being a businessman is profitable

Being a businessman supposes the provision of paid help to other people:

  • You do some job;
  • Solve somebody’s problem;
  • Get a reward.

The more benefit you bring — the more you can earn.

Business activity is the best option for Internet earning.

All you need to do for the start is to get a useful skill or find the sphere where you might be useful. For example, you can get money for website development, information products or products sales via e-shops.

Reasons and problems of e-business activities studies

You will not manage mastering profitable activities without initial training:

  • Want doing website development? Remember to pass training on websites development;
  • Plan selling informational products? Remember to find a professional coach;
  • Plan e-shop opening? Remember to find the coach who knows all nuances and get lessons from your own mistakes.

90% of all new businesses close during the first year of operation. It occurs due to the fact that businessmen ignore training stage and move to practice without having sufficient skills.

Knowledge is the core of becoming an efficient businessman

You might run into another difficulty if you are not in a hurry and want to pass training. Quality training and skills require huge money. You have to do this even in case if all information stays in open access. Your coach will help to bring knowledge into money, avoid from making many mistakes and get rid of the situations when you become bankrupt.

How HYIPs and deposits will help you to find money for training

If you have small capital and want to find money for training in a fast way — try observing the following plan:

  • Open bank deposit;
  • Save on a monthly basis not less than 20% from salary;
  • Find 5–10% more and invest this money in average profitable HYIPs.

If everything goes well, average profitable HYIPs will help to find the required sum. If some difficulties arise you will have a bank deposit, while the amount of losses is limited by 5–10% of your salary.

If you want profitable investments with small capital remember to pay attention to average profitable HYIPs.

Good knowledge of the topic is required for offered plan implementation and safe investment. So next we are going to provide several recommendations, which will teach you to select profitable projects with low bankruptcy possibility.

What do you need to know about HYIPs in order not to afraid to invest

Theory. HYIP stands for some financial project with the following traits:

  • It does not require large startup capital and does not require specific knowledge;
  • It аllows fast and quick earning;
  • It is related to high risk to close any moment and stop payments.

Remember to study thoroughly these articles.

About HYIPs and how to earn on themGeneral classification, principles and main rules of working with HYIP.Gears of HYIPs functioning and time when to invest in them.
HYIPs: all you need to know about these projectsHistory, specific traits, all HYIP notion meaning, mechanism of scam detection and theory of earning at HYIPsYou will understand the difference between scams and financial projects bringing real profit
Paying HYIPs: how to select them in a correct wayWhere to find working HYIPs, how to define scam and how to make emotion-free investments.Which nuances should be taken into account in order not to invest into scam project.
How to foresee scam: new realities in HYIPs worldZones of risk helping to calculate problematic project.Set of key criteria helping to foresee the scam of acting HYIP.
Insurance from Bitcoincloudmining.centerRules of insurance fund operation with the examples of payments.Conditions when investors can get reimbursement in case of selected HYIP bankruptcy.
Bitcoincloudmining updatesDescribes technical improvements, which can simplify website operationNew service helping investors to access the risk level of each HYIP. The project is titled as "Investment profitability calculator" and will be available for all registered users of

HYIP types. All HYIPs can be divided into three categories: ultra profitable, highly profitable and average profitable HYIPs. They differ by the term of operation, reliability level and amount of paid profit.

HYIP typeTerm of operationReliabilityProfit
Ultra profitableFrom several days to several weeksProject  can close in few days after start. You can earn on these HYIPs only in case of fortune.5–10% daily.
Highly profitableFrom several days to a monthYou have to invest in project first week of its operation. In case of later investment, you might lose your money.2–5% daily
Average profitableMore than one monthOptimum option for novices: you pay back your investment in a fast way and continue working with obtained profit.Up to 2% daily

Most investors-beginners hunt fast money and select ultra profitable and highly profitable HYIPs. In most cases such experiments end in losses:

  • A user selects profitable HYIP;
  • Gets small profit and falls for scammers, who use people’s greediness;
  • Next user tries repeating success in new projects and starts losing money: first, it loses all obtained profit and next invests own money.

If you are not very good at HYIPs we recommend paying attention to average profitable HYIPs with a moderate profit. Here you have more chances to earn and quit the project on time.

Search. The main drawback of all HYIPs lies in their short functioning term. The earlier you detect perspective project and start working with it, more you can earn.

For perspective HYIPs finding remember to subscribe to in social media and start monitoring the following sections: «Average profitable HYIPs» and «HYIPs on testing».

A lot of novices encounter the following problem they find profitable HYIP rather quickly but afraid of investing in it. It is quite normal as it is related to the lack of experience and fear to lose money. Try the following tactics in order to overcome such fear:

  • Find good middle profitable HYIP;
  • Invest a small sum in it; the amount should not exceed 2% of the salary;
  • Withdraw profit as soon as possible together with invested capital;
  • Return invested 2% to family budget;
  • Use profit for new HYIP;
  • Forward half of the profit to reserve fund and use other money for personal expenses.

The advantage of such tactics lies only at the fact that you risk at early stages only. All other manipulations will be conducted with your earned money and are in no way related to your other sources of income.

Money. Let's suppose that investors have to earn fast 100 $ with the help of HYIPs. Novice will act in the following way:

  • First, he finds the average profitable HYIP with 3% of daily profit;
  • After he spares 350 $ and can get 10,5 $ of profit;
  • In 10 days he accumulates 105 $ of profit.

And let’s check the actions of professional:

  • First, he finds the average profitable HYIP with 3% of daily profit;
  • Next, he spares 3500 $ and can get 105 $ profit.

After the professional investor will have two options of actions:

  • He can use obtained 105 $ for his purposes;
  • Or re-invest earned 105 $ and get additional profit on HYIPs.

Professionals increase investment sum and decrease the time of participation in HYIP. Novices act in a completely opposite way. HYIP is a rather fragile structure where it is impossible to stay long. The earlier you understand this rule the better.

Alternative. In case if you did not manage to earn on HYIPs or changed your mind to invest after training, try cloud mining or ICO. Check our set of educational articles and add to favorites our cryptocurrency portal two sections: “Cloud mining” and “ICO-tracker” to know more details.

ArticleWhat you will learn
Cloud mining without investments: advantages and best servicesThis article tells about cloud mining and ways of earning on it. Set of services offering profit without investments.
Cloud mining: details, pros, and consDetailed characteristics of cloud mining services and recommendations on the selection of reliable cloud mining company.
CryptominingFarm serviceExample of acting cloud mining service, where you can start earning.
How to invest in ICO and earn on itThis article tells about the stages risks and financial options opened by ICO industry.
ICO: where money after ICO conducting comeThis article reviews the scheme of correct and incorrect distribution of money attracted during ICO. Recommendations for scam startup detection.

How to start investing into HYIPs

Step #1. Move to “Average profitable HYIPs” section and study parameters and recommendations, which allow making the correct decision about project selection.

Step #2. Check average profitable HYIP chart

Step #3. Check the review of the project you like.

Step #4. Visit the website of the HYIP you like, access its perspectives and currently acting tariff plans.

Step #5. Move to investment and keep track of its progress.


When you start earning at HYIPs remember the following:

  • The most profitable online investments are always related to business activities;
  • HYIP is simply one of the instruments allowing to get fast money with small capital;
  • After getting the sum you need remember to implement your initial goal to invest money in your business training and start doing business activities;
  • Do not stop working with HYIPs in case you like such activity type;
  • Try cloud mining or ICO in case you do not like working with HYIPs;
  • The investment in training has always been the best one. If you start thinking in a correct way you will be able to earn on those spheres, which others do not want to review and lose their money because of it.

Average profitable HYIPs is the simplest way of earning in Internet.

We hope that you have understood the issue of profitable online investments.

Feel free to share the stories of your success in comments and your opinions about HYIPs.


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