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Most popular cryptocurrencies: part 2

24/03/2017 00:00
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People have drastically changed their notions with the appearance of cryptocurrency.  Initially very few people took Bitcoin seriously. But today its price exceeds the level of 1200USD. Any country doesn’t want to acknowledge cryptocurrency as its movements are impossible to be tracked or controlled.

Now there are a lot of analogs of the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and our article (in frames of theme publications) will be a brief summary of the following five digital currencies.


Dogecoin has appeared in cryptocurrency market in 2013. The developer from Portland Billy Markus has become its main founder. Dogcoin has been based on the basis of Lucky coin cryptocurrency which in its turn has been developed on the basis of Litecoin made on the Bitcoin basis. In general virtual payment system Dogecoin has completely copied algorithm of Litecoin with small changes.

Initially the system author wanted to limit based on Bitcoin analogue the currency emission to the level of one hundred milliard units, but when miners have started to trust this currency the limits had been removed. The Dogcoin capitalization is annually enlarged to 5,2 milliard coins.

Dogecoin  is based on Litecoin principles but has a little bit lower price. You can buy 10 thousands Doggicoins for 3,30 USD. Due to unlimited amount this currency will never grow to unexpected level. Doggycoin is considered to be the best option for new comers who just start learning mining.

The Doggycoin turnaround made 107 milliard Doggicoins at the beginning of 2017. The capitalization amount made 25 million dollars.


The Feathercoin cryprtocurrency has been introduced to digital market in spring 2013. None knows the developers but it is clear that its developers used Bitcoin and its fork Litecoin as a basis.

Feathercoin and LiteCoin have lot of common traits:

  • The usage of Scrypt algorithm. Unlike SHA-256, which is the basis of Bitcoin operation. New algorithm enlarges functional by thus making quick interaction with a memory. Such modernization prompts currency quick emission. One block forming takes 2,5 minutes.
  • Decentralization. Feathercoin doesn’t have single center like other coins. The cryptocurrency independence is provided at the account of users’ equality. The cryptocurrency exchange rate depends only on supply and demand indices.

As the Feathercoin authors aimed to modernize the system it has some specofoc traits attracting the investors:

  • Bitcoin  has mining limit in the amount of 21 million units, Litecoin has the limit in the amount of 84 million units, while Feathercoin  has the limit of 336 million units. According to the latest data the Feathercoin capitalization limit makes 131 million coins. That is why it is quite understandable that this currency has big potential
  • Limited coins issue makes very few complexities for block creation.

DASH (DarkCoin)

DASH, the latter DarkCoin is virtual payment system developed on the basis of X11 algorithm. The system has implemented official transactions mixer DarkSend, which totally excludes the option of sender tracking. User can conduct transactions without the usage of DarkSend if they wish to.

The DASH cryptocurrency  has the limit in the amount of 22 millions coins, and block generation takes 2,5 minutes only.

Darksend is an improved and enlarged version of является улучшенной и расширенной версией технологии CoinJoin technology. This function enables Dash users to retain complete privacy when making transactions.

Платежная виртуальная система The DASH virtual payment system is decentralized, highly autonomous ( at the account of new methodology of chain anonimization), has denomination mechanism and procedure of preliminary mixing of transactions in background mode.

E-Dinar Coin

E-Dinar Coin  has appeared in cryptocurrency market only in 2016. At once it has touched users from several countries by thus making huge demand for such digital coins.

The cryptocurrency web site has 18 language versions and mining is possible via several options 1:

  • Web wallet;
  • для iOS;
  • for Android;
  • OS of X wallet;
  • Windows wallet;
  • для Linus.

The E-Dinar Coin virtual payment system already has 516 053 registered users and its amount its constantly growing. In general the amount of new users is increasing up to eight thousand. The system con ducts around one hundred thousand transactions a day. The price of E-Dinar Coin coins is justified by the correlations demand and supply.

Like other cryptocurrencies the E-Dinar Coin is decentralized and its coins are not connected to any state or bank. It means that any economical or political situation can’t make significant influence over the cost of digital currency.

If to compare E-Dinar Coin with other Bitcoins analogues one can mention the range of specific peculiaritiesies, which make this currency far more perspective than other coins:

  • Amount of cryptocurrency: amount of E-Dinar Coin emission makes 2,5 milliards coins. The cryptocurrency total amount is limited by an enormous amount of 999 billion units. Approximate forecasts say that such amount of units will be issued in not less than within 33 years.
  • Amount of users: during half year of its existence the project has gathered more than half million of users. Each fifth user is a system active participant and conducts transactions on a daily basis.
  • Low transaction fee: the transaction fee is minimum and makes 0,1 EDC.
  • Block processing speed is minimum and makes 5 seconds
  • Additional coins: each user gets 0,65% from the amount of its investments daily. This amount +12% within a month. User gets bonus coins for the participation in affiliate program with specific structure of 7 levels.


Onecoin is another new but rather perspective cryptocurrency which has appeared at cryptocurrency market in 2016. Its main difference from other virtual payment system is the presence of single center OneCoin Ltd.

Onecoin key features:

  • Amount of emission 5.58 milliard.
  • Limit makes 120 milliard coins.
  • The exchange rate as per beginning of 2017 makes 7.85 долларов.

Lot of industry experts forecast that the level of exchange rate will get the limit of 50USD for 1 Onecoin, while in 2019 it might reach the level of 100USD per one coin.

Виртуальная платежная система Onecoin virtual payment system has very smart advertising campaign. The coin authors have taken into account the main thing the absence of sole monitoring center increases the possibility of fraudulent transactions. Onecoin seeks to create single monitoring centre and complete transparency.

The Onecoin cryptocurrency is actively promoted as complete payment method in more than 125 countries around the world. It is considered to be top 10 perspective coins together with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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