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Liza cryptocurrency (Liza Bitcoin)

25/06/2018 00:00
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Liza cryptocurrency review

Liza cryptocurrency is a digital coin, created by Yobit stock exchange’s representatives in November 2017. Initially, it was sent for free to all Bitcoin owners by a ratio of 1:100. In other words, one could get 100 Liza coins for 1 Bitcoin. That is why the coin has got the other name – “Liza Bitcoin”. In fact, Liza isn’t a Bitcoin’s fork and was created only with the purpose of speculative operations inside Yobit stock exchange. Today we are going to talk about this instrument in detail. You will find out what this coin is and why it’s not wise to invest in it.

General characteristics

One can’t buy or pay for something with the help of Liza. It can’t be withdrawn from the stock exchange, can’t be mined, and has no practical use. You can only follow the course and try to make money on it. Moreover, it’s better to do it on an interim since you won’t have any information on long-term investments to rely on. This project has no official website, and Coinmarketcap portal hasn’t even added Liza to the general cryptocurrency rating.

What do we know about Liza project?Unknown info
Current value and coin development schedule.Who created a coin? Who is its development stuff? Who is responsible for further development of the project?
Commission fee paid for Liza coin’s conversion into other assets.How to check if created instrument is based on blockchain technologies?
Forum and a Twitter-channel where important information about the project is occasionally posted.How to check its current market capitalization
 Where to get information on the number of coins. No one knows their exact amount.
 Who will tell about the future plans, show a roadmap and announce the dates of various high-profile events?

Right after having read basic information, one can understand that Liza has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. It’s only a well-advertised pad with the help of which the owners of Yobit stock exchange can solve several problems at once:

  • get additional money on commission operations;
  • attract new users and increase Liza’s traffic;
  • make money on a heightened interest in “InvestBox” and “Dice”.

We’ll discuss this point in detail in a next chapter.

Despite all strong indications of a financial bubble, a lot of users still believe in the asset, trying to predict its growth and focus on following factors:

  • Yobit cryptocurrency exchange is responsible for creating a coin and for its development. It also consistently pays off all the cash payments and that’s why it won’t let the product be devalued;
  • any moment the developers can release an information package of technical documentation in which all project’s aspects will be described. It will attract new investors and increase the demand for the coin;
  • in May 2018, Liza cryptocurrency costs less than 1 $. It means that one can purchase a large lot of coins having only a small capital. This is the way of thinking of most investors who like to add aggressive assets to their cryptocurrency portfolios. And as soon as the bull raid starts, the price will increase.

Let’s analyze the most popular ways to make a profit on Liza cryptocurrency.

Ways of making a profit on Liza cryptocurrency

Baseline Scenario. You will be offered to buy as many coins as possible  and not sell them at least till the end of the 2018 year.The main emphasis here lies on increasing capitalization volumes and a heighten interest to Yobit stock exchange services.

Passive investment with «InvestBox». You can grant your Lisa coins on lease and receive up to 10% profit. You just need to keep the needed quantity of cryptocurrency on a balance and play “Dice” every day. “Dice” is a binary option-based game of an exchange. You stake on and choose a direction in which the price would head. If you guess a direction, you will get an additional profit for a deposit.

Booming trade with the help of magic tables. There are users on the Internet who managed to calculate the volume of capitalization and  Liza coins emission amount.They put this data into the Excel tables and charts. According to the received data, the strong points in which the price will increase or decrease could be found.  Anyone can acquire the table at the price of about 400 roubles (about 6$). After this, two main strategies of money earning can be used:

  • buy the coins → wait for the asset prices to increase → fix the profit at a strong point of resistance (the table);
  • wait for the stock price drawdown → make a purchase at a strong support point (the table) → wait for the increase of coins price till the strong point of resistance (the table) → fix the profit.

We are not going to criticize or describe in detail all the drawbacks of these ways. The main problem is that the price of Liza cryptocurrency is artificially regulated. It’s easy for Yobit stock exchange owners to control the balance of the market demand and supply, to control the course, and win in any situation.

Baseline ScenarioPassive investment with «InvestBox»Booming trade with the help of magic tables
Investors will start to buy the coin at the price of 100 $, hoping that its price will increase to 1000 $.An investor will invest 100 $ and will try to increase the deposit by 70% for only 7 days.The users will look at table data and track all the strong support/resistance points.

The exchange representatives will gradually devalue the coin.


When its price hits zero, the similar cryptocurrency will be created.


For 7 days the exchange representatives will be letting the investor make money. His balance would be 170 $ by that time. And the day the investor will be ready to withdraw the money, there will be a share price slump that will leave only 20 $. In this case, the investor will be able to withdraw 70 $ only and 20 $ more will stay on his account.

The result: if a person invested 100 $, he or she will get 90 $.

The stock representatives will take a chart to a flat state and will be trying to intentionally change all given points.

Liza cryptocurrency: the rise of demand at the expansion of new forks

Since Liza cryptocurrency has devalued so quickly, the Yobit owners decided to make a profit out of hardforks. In other words, they decided to create additional speculative instruments that will differ from Liza coin by the basic price and by the percent that might be received through InvestBox service.

In May 2018, Yobit stock exchange has announced the appearance of 2 new assets: Lamborgini (Lambo) and Lizun. They were given to all users who had a specific quantity of Liza coins on their balance. There’s no official information about these instruments since they’re risky and have no backup as well.

Let’s remind you one more time: Lambo and Lizun have no investment value and were created only for speculations of different types. If you didn’t get them as a gift, we recommend you to fix the profit and invest money in more reliable assets. For example, you can create your own cryptocurrency portfolio. If you want to use the money for speculations, you should at first consider all risks and look through all available data.

Lambo cryptocurrency. Let’s make a clarification. In 2018, the Lamborgini (Lambo) coin was mentioned twice. The first notion was connected with Coinmarketcap website and the second one - with Yobit stock exchange. These two instruments are completely different and aren’t related to each other.

Coinmarketcap Lambo. On the first April of 2018 Coinmarketcap service decided to cheer up its users by adding Lamborgini automobiles to the list of convertible currencies. A fake coin was tagged “Lambo” and went along with a yellow Lamborgini sigil. That day one could buy a car at a cost of 200 000 $ for only 30 BitCoins.

But not everyone liked the joke. It happened because when the cryptocurrency market had been formed, a lot of users sold the coins at a bargain price and regret it now. For example, in 2010, an American bought a pizza for 10 000 Bitcoins. If he had saved them by April 1, 2018, he would’ve been able to buy 33 Lamborgini cars. So to avoid such scandals, on April 2, 2018, Coinmarketcap service decided to delete the Lambo coin from the currency list.

Yobit Lambo. On May 4, 2018, the exchange representatives notified their subscribers about the release of a new speculative instrument calledLambo”. It was the first fork of Liza coin. Initially, Lambo coins were given for free. Any user who had Liza coins in InvestBox could get them. One Lambo was given in exchange for 5 millions of Liza coins.

The main feature of a new instrument is that it brings big profits: if one uses InvestBox service, he or she can get 1% of profit per every hour of investing. So for 5 days of continuous work one can increase the initial capital by 120%. It’s enough to buy the necessary quantity of Lambo coins and play the “Dice” five times an hour.

If you’re taking it into serious consideration, you should also think of a few moments:

  • Lambo is not a classic cryptocurrency. It’s not even on a Coinmarketcap rating;
  • Yobit’s owners didn’t make any presentation. All the official information is written down in one Twitter post.

It’s not enough for making serious investment decisions. So if you still hesitate, just take a look at «Investments for beginners» article.

Lizun cryptocurrency. On May 18, 2018, the Lizun coin was added to Yobit stock exchange. It’s not connected with blockchain technologies and was created only for internal speculative operations. All owners of the coin can invest money in InvestBox and increase the capital by 100% per day. Lizun coins were also given for free. One had to get Liza cryptocurrency and take it to InvestBox. 1 Lizun coin was given in exchange for 10 millions of Liza coins.

Lizambo cryptocurrency. On May24, 2018, Yobit stock exchange will create another fork of Liza cryptocurrency and release a “Limbo” coin, short for “Lizambo”. The users will get an opportunity to make a 100% profit per hour with the help of Lizambo and InvestBox service. Lizambo will be given for free to those users who will have a specific quantity of Lambo coins in InvestBox. 1 Lizambo coin will be given in exchange for 10 million Lambo coins.

In the future, we’ll be able to see dozens of such forks. They attract small-scale investors who like to get bonus cryptocurrencies and speculate on their fluctuations. If nothing changes, Yobit stock exchange risks losing its credibility and respect of big investors.


We recommend you not to risk and invest money in Liza cryptocurrency. It’s the same with all its forks.

  • Liza is a classic financial bubble that was created by Yobit representatives.
  • Liza is a well-thought marketing ploy that may help only a few people to make a profit. Others just have to say goodbye to their money.
  • Liza is a commercial project that has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technologies.
  • Lambo and Lizun are different forks of Liza. These instruments don’t have any value and are just financial bubbles.  They were created only so that the users would be interested in Liza coins again.
  • Lizambo coin will be released on May 2018. After this, you can expect the release of other useless products that will explode Yobit’s reputation.

Invest money wisely and don’t trust to chance in this situation.

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