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Laptop mining: pros and cons of such process

05/07/2017 00:00
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 Bitcoin cryptocurrency market active developments attracts greater amount of users wishing to get easy money. While most novices don’t take any efforts to conduct detailed assessment of process material part, supposing quality equipment purchase. Lot of beginner miners consider that they can get satoshi by having simply powered their laptop and having installed Bitcoin generator on it. But is everything as simple as it may sound? Does laptop mining have a future?

Bitcoin mining evolution and its consequences for miners

The level of complexity of calculation operations and blockchain processing was not very high During the year 2009 at cryptocurrency market development initial stage. This resulted at the fact that miners could have stable profit using their PC or laptop. Such situation lasted till 2013 when the reward for one block made 50BTC. Than reward had been decreased till the level of 25 Bitcoins which made miners think about the search of more powerful resources for getting better profit. Recently Bitcoin solo mining at laptop became practically useless due to the following factors:

  • Decrease of reward sum;
  • Increase of mining complexity;
  • Specific encryption technologies SHA-256 etc.

Of course there are users who keep installing Bitcoinb generator and keep trying to earn Bitcoins. But in most cases such attempts fail as profit almost comes to zero.

The solution in such situation can be the usage of specialized mining farms made of specialized equipment for virtual currency mining or participation in pools. The first mode is more expensive but more simple and efficient. The second mode is more available but provides less profit. Generally both options suppose laptop mining and get rather good profit. The second one is more widespread, so we will pay more attention to it.

Laptop mining: recommendations on pool selection

The selection of pool using which you might get rather good profit requires the studies of all details of its functioning. Unfortunately fraud schemes are rather common today so you might have risk of losing your money.

You have to take into account the following criteria:

  • Amount of commission taken by the service;
  • Details of profit distribution procedure;
  • Profit overall cost;
  • Profit statistics for a specific period of time;
  • Stable payments;
  • Interior costs: its presence and usage details.

The pools we present below are the most popular ones:

1. is the biggest service for cryptocurrency mining having the capacity of nearly 860 gigahashes. According to statistical data this pool generates biggest amount of block signatures and considered to be the most powerful one. User can get profit in two ways

  • The proportional one: miner gets the part of total profit depending on the level of capacity, invested into the block. The pool owner gets 3% of profit by default depending on the level of investment he or she has used for block mining;
  • Fixed one: participant gets specific sum for each mined block irrespective of the amount of its participation. Pool owner gets 10%.

If you have several laptops or PC you can use both ways of mining, this is the most significant advantage of reviewed pool.

2. has lesser capacity than the pool we have mentioned above – 300 gigahashes. Due to this fact it stays on honorable second place. Now the overall volume of this pol generation makes 15-17% of all signatures. The owner has stable share in the amount of 2%. The part of reward from 25BTC is forwarded to miners who took direct part in bock signing. The profit is distributed based on the obtained score principle. Miner can get earned profit after block confirmation, which usually takes place within 20 hours on average. In case of block signature by other unity, the work turns out to be useless.

3. is Bitcoins generator working at the capacity of 150 gigahashes. This pool specific traits are the following:

  • Open registration;
  • Earning formation taking into account the obtained scores;
  • Payments after block confirmation.

At this stage you have to get registered: make sure to invent reliable login and password. You will have the most efficient solo mining in case of cryptocurrency mining using the group of lap tops or PC allowing to increase calculation capacity.

Miner selection for cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining supposes the usage of specialized software- miner. Users can chose either online developments such as, and hardware requiring installation to the laptop. Check the list of the most popular hardware such as:

  • cudaminer (mining at Nvidia graphic chart);
  • cgminer (mining at ATI graphical adapter);
  • pooler cpu miner (mining at processor).

Nowadays mining will be efficient only in case if high capacities are used. So it is not worth counting at stable profit in case if you use only laptop for Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining.

While it is worth separately mentioning the possibility of laptop solo mining for other cryptocurrencies which have recently appeared on the market and have rather high perspective. In all cases when cryptocurrency is at initial development stage very few users do its mining using rather simple mining algorithm by making quite high generation efficiency.

In general laptop mining can be rather profitable activity but only in case if you make thorough assessment of all pros and cons of this process and will install it in a proper way.

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