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ICO, robot – stylist from Yana Strokova

29/03/2018 00:00
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Insider information: new project with great potential comes to ICO

Skolkovo expert on fashion technologies and successful business lady Yana Strokova plans bringing to ICO of one her projects. Verified sources from Skolkovo technical park claim that start-up pre-ICO has been planned for September of this year. Moreover the experts in cryptocurrency sphere, marketing and fashion technologies are sure about significant investment potential and great perspectives of this project further development.

About Yana Strokovoa and why her projects are worth paying attention to

During the times when ICO projects keep appearing like mushrooms after rain none will be surprised with the tokenization plans of another start-up. The case we are going to speak about is exceptional: it seems that Yana plans the creation of robot for outfits’ selection. This algorithm based on blockchain technology is capable to revolutionize the retail sphere.

In 2014 Yana Strokova the owner of women outfit “Rafinad” boutiques network and psychologist got interest in neuro networks and e-learning. This very year she has presented the project of robot – stylist at federal start-ups contest titled as “Ingria”, took first place there and has been invited to Saint Petersbourg Techno Park as a mentor on fashion technologies.

Within next few years Yana kept studying new technologies, doing researches in the sphere of blockchain and decentralized calculations, became resident and expert of Skolkovo and Techno Park Zhygulevskaya Valley. Besides this, Yana has been noticed as a speaker and member of attestation committees of various international contests. Nowadays she acts as expert for various venture funds and start-ups both in Russian Federation and worldwide.

The experience Yana has accumulated has allowed her to make her robot – stylist to guess customers preferences with 70-80% probability. That is why such progress has become good pre-requisite for transfer to blockchain technology. As soon as the platform is transferred to decentralized mode, the shops including online ones worldwide will be able to connect to it. You are sure to agree that such project is literally asking for ICO.

Wonderful base for ICO conducting and further development

Which advantages robot-stylist will get from transfer to blockchain? «Decentralized network is an ideal shell for the construction of neuro networks and profound e-learning», – explains Yana in one of her recent interviews. Network does not depend on central server and is dynamically developing and it is practically impossible to be hacked.

But the main thing is that Yana has made a plan for her network development. She thinks that in nearest future lot of miners stay without work after blockchain system transfer to “proof-of-stake technology” and transaction confirmation is provided by great amount of tokens. Why not to use powerful mining equipment for more practical task solution?

As far as we know now Yana’s team is creating the platform via which miners will be able to connect to the project and earn more than they did on mining. They have created own cryptocurrency for internal calculations and developed a system the usage of which will avoid network participants’ equipment stop-outs.

This means that they plan ICO of the project with solid base and good perspectives. Moreover unlike other 99% of start-ups Yana’s project has been backed up by the “Rafinad” boutiques network – the company with yearly turn-over around 4,3 million USD in 2016 according Rosstat data. Our experts think that project can connect around of 150-200 million USD and bring good dividends to token holder.

Yana herself has not yet given comment on her project bringing to ICO. But according to the info from Skolkovo the project will be announced in nearest future. We will monitor Yana’s project and now invite you to check her profile in Linked in.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly developing and brings something new, so stay with us and remember to subscribe to our pages in Facebook, Telegram  news feed channel and YouTube  channel to stay in touch about all updates of cryptocurrency world!


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