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HYIPs which pay: recommendations on correct selection

27/04/2017 00:00
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Numerous HYIPs attract our attention by rather interesting offers promising big profit in short period of time in case of correct strategy usage in case if you act as investor. Most HYIPs gladden their investors by continous functioning without any claims from investots. This fact is confirmed by rather big percents paid within lot of years.

Such recourses give investors the chance not only to increase their saving but significantly grow them. Such result is possible only in case if you select HYIP which really pays as lot of recourses have already stopped their payments as their recourses are exhausted or will stop payment in the nearest future.

Below you can check the factors allowing you to define payment potential of the HYIP project and take sound decision by saving yourself from risky investments.

HYIPs which pay: where to search

  • Investors’ forums and blogs. Today Internet is full of numerous forums and blogs where investors advertise attractive HYIPs. The HYIPs organizers are doing the same thing with the same success.

We recommend you paying attention to the blogs with positive reputation among investors. Such forums visitors are both experienced and beginner investors who collectively assess situation, make recommendations, insist, deny etc. The situation with investors forums is a little bit different. Here the trust is built on personal preferences or positive results of long term cooperation.

  • HYIP monitoring. Such specialized services constantly publish the information about new appearing HYIPs, which pay. Quite often such recourses present HYIPs under testing and information about opening or closure of this or that project. At the same time it is important to check such recourses independently. It might be that so called active HYIP might stop payments to investors as such recourses may do simple step: to pay HYIP monitors in order to get “Paid” status and make separate payments to other investorsТ
  • HYIPs groups at popular social media. Social media remain popular advertising sites for most of the HYIPs. You can simply insert “HYIPs” in search line and  you will see the list of active groups offering the access to the acting projects of reviewed category. At the same time such groups publish positive and not very positive reviews giving the opportunity to make initial decision which projects are worth further assessment and which one not

The HYIPs which constantly pay without any delay are rather few. In most cases only few investors manage to get profit only in case if they have invested at the project start. Than scam appears, the project closes and most users lose their money which they have invested.

Differences between paying HYIPs and scam

In this section we will review few examples or let’s better to say processes. Even investors beginners know that in most cases the organizers of scam HYIPs continue accepting investments even in case if the HYIPs have been approved to be scam ones. They use such investments for further advertisement. That is why inattentive investors continue investing money into the recourse which doesn’t work properly but keeps working over its popularity.

There might be the cases where experienced investors who forgot about cautiousness or were lazy to check HYIP solvency run into scam. Such situations cause dissatisfaction with HYIPs but if to conduct deep assessment it will turn out that it is the fault of investor. Anyone cancelled initial detailed studies of HYIP notion and its aspects together with understanding of risks related to the transfer of your own money to third parties.

Second moment, which is worth paying attention to when selecting paying no scam HYIP: is the possibility that HYIP provides selective payments. In most cases such situations occur when HYIP is about to become scam one or in case of project life duration growth for getting bigger amount of investments. Experienced investors know all the details of such tool. In most cases the payments are done to the accounts of active users from professional forums and monitoring services in order to get their confirmation about project solvency. Meaning that HYIP “pays” percentages but not to everyone.

In practice it might turn out that HYIPs pays small sums by neglecting the payment of big sums. Such actions from administration should be treated as selective payments as well.

It means that when searching HYIPs which pay it is recommended to keep track their activity all the time, study and assess any information related to reviewed investment projects. It is not worth giving a complete trust to some recourse. We recommend making total picture on the basis of few sources. At the same time it is necessary to know how to sort wheat from the chaff as competitors will always seeks for the way how to damage reputation of really paying HYIPs in the eyes of investors.

We also recommend taking into account the fact that really paying HYIPs cooperate with various payment systems and reliability of their functioning makes direct influence over HYIPs operation.

Investing with “cold” head is your success

You should always invest into HYIPs with cold head. By investing money into new project you will be cautious and assessing nearly each of your steps. But after getting first profit in form of percents lot of investors forget about being cautious and assessing current situation with the project they invest at. Nearly all investors become gamblers and this might serve as a bad luck in future.

The community of HYIP investors recommend following cautiousness strategy when working with investments and get at least small amount of knowledge to conduct independent assessments of HYIPs which pay irrespectively of their term of operation. Such knowledge supposes the entire set of verified strategies into paying HYIPs of various levels from low profitable to ultra-profitable HYIPs. Desired profit is impossible without basic sets of knowledge of working in this sphere.

Investors with insufficient knowledge about internet investments and not wishing to take risks with their savings can always address for help to specialized various monitoring and blogs. Such services can make for you an independent assessment of HYIPs with various period of work and provide all information that investor wishes to know in appropriate form.

Memo for investors!

Before starting to work with long term investment project it is necessary to conduct its thorough assessment. Like we have mentioned before it is possible to select HYIPs after thorough assessment of the information about such project which you can take from specialized forum. At the same time it is worth remembering that statistics presented at HYIP web site is not always true and admins exaggerate in most cases the advantages of their web site aiming to attract more investors.

There might be the situations when successfully functioning project launches some profitable promo offer. In most cases such promo offers appear when project is run out of money for profit payment to investors or aims to collect more investment before project closure.

Working with HYIPs has a lot of hidden trick. That is why we set new simple ideas which will help you to minimize losses of your money:

  • First of all assess project payment statistics. Timely payments without any delays should serve you as significant project advantage.
  •  The aspect of assistance service interaction with investors is important as well. Assistance service working in 24/7 mode is another positive aspect.
  • Be sure to check comments and feedback about recourse at various specialized forums. As a rule users write immediately in case if some problems occur.
  • Always check chat at the project! It doesn’t matter whether you communicate by yourself or simply read what other write. You might learn a lot of useful information.

Remember that all actively paying HYIPs have individual construction and work duration. That is why the analysis of each of such recourse requires specific approach. You can invest several thousand in some projects and live on percents without any risk. While in others it is better to invest only 50 USD and constantly control occurring changes by always expecting some troubles. So it is necessary to take precautions and think over about detailed strategy.

Wishing you successful investments and super profits!

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