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Getting profit from cryptocurrency

12/03/2018 00:00
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How to earn at cryptocurrency having 50 USD only?

Casual modes of cryptocurrency purchase for its further sale or mining have gone out of fashion. So it is high time to search for new options. Recently well-known blogger the author of project “Economist for an hour” has shown on personal example how to earn at cryptocurrrency having 50 USD?

Now the perspectives of cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and cryptocurrencies keep exciting people’s minds. There are those who would like to try, others think on how to save and increase the savings. But standard ways of cryptocurrency purchase for its further sale or mining have gone out of fashion. It is high time to search for new options. 

Check personal example from well-known blogger, the author of project “Economist for an hour”

How to earn at cryptocurrency having 50 USD in the pocket?

Why it is better to refuse from causal modes of cryptocurrency earning?

  • Mining becomes very expensive and bring very little profit or is not paid back at all.
  • Cryptocurrency stock exchanges keep bringing problems starting from non-payments till complete bankruptcy. In 2014 hackers have stolen 850000 Bitcoin from Mt. Gox stock exchange (it makes 700 million USD using the exchange rate of 2014). In 2016 Hong Kong stock exchange has been hacked. At the end of 2017 the South Korea stock exchange Youbit has announced about its closure after another hacker attack. Since 2012 the amount of large thefts with the amount starting from 1000 has exceeded 50 cases.
  • It is not safe to store all money in cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin is the weakest payment system, so it is quite risky to use money with fluctuating exchange rate which can either drop or increase into 50%.  Payments take long time waiting for transactions confirmations. In most cases stock exchanges do not provide the option of cryptocoins withdrawal into fiat money – only the exchange into other currencies is available. This means that cryptocurrency stock exchange traders have to search for exchangers with profitable exchange rate.

While recent charts show that Bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency of today) exchange rate is regaining its position after recent dump.

Such situation means the possibility and perspectives of earning. Moreover experts forecast Bitcoin exchange rate growth in 2018.

Cryptocurrency trade with the help of classical broker of money market

There are some brokers from stock exchanges, who have included cryptocurrencies into the range of their trading instruments, so it is high time to use such situation for your own good. As the cryptocurrencies exchange rate is constantly changing it is simpler to get money at the account of such exchange rate fluctuations. Trading has become available via internet long time ago so it is possible to start from small sum due to margin trading via brokers.

Brief note:

Daily turnover of money market exceeds the level of 4 USD trillion now. While in 2017 the level of cryptocurrency market capitalization has remained on the level of 400 billion USD. The difference is evident

How to select right broket

The person who thinks where to buy Bitcoins for rubles is very limited in the selection. But large scale companies have been already working at this niche. Fibo Group is one of such companies. Bloggers and financial portals actively recommend it as a site where it is better to sell and purchase cryptocurrency. Why exactly the Fibo?

Advantages of cryptocurrency trade via Fibo Group

  • Fibo Group has been successfully working since 1998, making their brokers reliable in comparison to others. Most cryptocurrency stock exchanges do not work more than three, five years.
  • The possessing of several licenses including the license of reputable European regulator CySEC is broker undoubted advantage. According to regulator rule the money of each broker’s investor are insured for the sum of 20000 euro. Taking into account understandable reasons the cryptocurrency stock exchanges do not have regulator’s licenses and do not provide investment insurance.
  • This stock exchange provides the possibility to purchase and buy 7 popular cryptocurrencies with leverage level 1:3. This means that trader can invest three times less than needed for deed conclusion and earn three times more. Broker invests the rest of the sum. 1/3 goes as mortgage security. This means that Fibo customer can earn with lesser amount of investments.  Cryptocurrency stock exchange does not provide loans to their customers.

Simple example:
The trader has only 50USD. Let’s suppose that he can buy only 0,005 ВТС
for such sum. If the leverage level equals 1:3 trader has the possibility to open deal for 150USD, not for 50USD.
It means that the profit will be multiplied to 3. Credit money return to broker and trader keeps earned profit.

  • CFD instrument provides the possibility to earn money both from cryptocurrency dump and pump.  BTC short trading supposes the warranty of deal performance by broker even the moment of price dump. Only several cryptocurrency stock exchanges allow “shorting” to traders.
  • Convenient and fast cryptyocurrency withdrawal into real (fiat money). Fibo provides the option of account refilling in Bitcoins and the possibility to convert (exchange) BTC between accounts at profitable exchange rate and then withdraw real (national) money into credit card. The entire transaction will take not more than 10-30 minutes.

Quality analytics:

The experts of international exhibitions, community of reputable forums and ratings have approved Fibo as one of the best brokers’ favorites, providing their traders with quality professional analytics.

The final stage of “Analysts fight”  has been the part of “Markets.Position” RBC TV. During this “Analysts fight” FiboGroup Mikhail Hlestunov analyst presented technical assessment team and recommended Bitcoin purchase. This forecast has turned out to be correct and brought nearly 5% profit on transaction. 

Trading is possible on all devices with access to Internet. 

Fibo provides modern trading platforms for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Additional advantages of such trading:

  • Fast transactions – you do not need to wait for months and wait until the price grows. The profit is possible even in case of small fluctuations.
  • Terminal provides the possibility to keep track accurate exchange rate and charts of 7 popular cryptocurrencies. Broker provides quality exchange rates. 
  • There is training account for free education.
  • Those who do not have experience and not sure about their knowledge have the possibility to pass training on the basis of Fibo online academy.  Trainers use unique methods, the classes take place at specially developed interactive platform at academy website. Moreover academy students can select free schedule, which perfectly suits their working schedule. Each student has to pass all classes, make home tasks, pass qualification exam and get certificate. The sum of training course will be returned to your trading account. There is good news for professional traders. As the company is interested in attracting successful traders manager in frames of its 20th anniversary it is ready to provide 20000USD in frames of assets management (on individual conditions).

Summing up everything we have mentioned above:

Several years ago the cryptocurrency trading via money market brokers has been unavailable. While some of them have already mentioned such possibility.

Professional traders do not ask the question where to buy Bitcoins any longer. The most optimum mode is to use money market! In case you have doubts about which cryptocurrency to  by remember to use complex instrument CFD Crypto Currency, allowing to trade 7 popular cryptocurrencies only from one account.

Fibo Group customers have the possibility to refill account without any commission fees using cryptocurrency wallet or fiat money. Now bitcoin trade via money market broker is more reliable, simple and profitable option.


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