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Rating of cryptocurrency stock exchanges 2018

25/01/2018 00:00
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In this article we will review best cryptocurrency stock exchanges of 2018, warranting transactions safe conducting and have rather high level of popularity among miner, investors and traders. Bear in mind that some cryptocurrency stock exchanges have limited the access for the citizens of Russia and CIS countries. This information is constantly changing, which needs to be checked directly at the website of selected site.


Due to daily trade turnover the Bittrex stock exchange has become the best cryptocurrency stock exchange based on the results dated by December 2017 (on the basis of Coinhills data). During one day this site processes around 14% of all transactions with cryptocurrency assets. This trading site is under US jurisdiction and works with popular cryptocurrency pairs (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and with perspective digital coins (more than 190 types). Company official website is

Though, users will not manage to get registered with new account at Bittrex in the first half of 2018. Mass demand to digital assets has forced project admins to close registration option and start software update. as soon as the software is updated the stock exchange will return to casual operation mode and continue to serve visitors. The exact return terms are not stipulated yet.


Binance is one of the most progressive start-ups of 2017. This stock exchange has been registered on the 1st of April 2017 and has increased its capitalization level till 1 billion USD.  Due to its daily turnover in December 2017 this trading site has reached second place as its service has processed more than 6 billion USD. Official website is:

Binance stock exchange issues own cryptocurrency in form of tokens Binance Coin (abbreviation«BNB»). In June 2017 the price of one token was 10 cents, while in January 2018 its price has grown till the level of 22USD. It means that investors have managed to get 22 000% of profit in half a year only.  the purchase of Binance Coin is also profitable as all coins owners get discount for the conducting of all transactions conducted inside stock exchange.

Non verified users of Binance can withdraw only 2BTC not more. Verified user can withdraw up to 100 BTC. This trading site works with all main cryptocurrencies (more than 200 types) and has Russian language support team. Low commission fee which makes 0,1% for transaction is an additional advantage of this trading site. The absence of option to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money is considered to be the only disadvantage stated by users.

The trading site official website states that Binance capacity provides the possibility to process around 1,5 million transactions a second. Despite such high indices in December 2017 the admins of Binance have temporary stopped the registration of new visitors. Service did not manage to cope with growing amount of transactions requests.

The registration has been restored on 09.01.2018. The representatives of trading site have informed that new software updates will be accompanied by new affiliate link, which allows to decrease the amount of commission fees to 20%.



Bitfinex is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency stock exchange, which provides the circulation of nearly fifty leading digital assets. The stock exchange official website is Based on trade amount indices in December 2017 Bitfinex has reached third place having ceded the place to the two trading site mentioned above.

The project admins have made the security as main accent

  • only encrypted algorithms can be used for e-correspondence;
  • registration requires two factor verification;
  • account verification should be accompanied by the scans of documents and photo of the user holding these documents in hands;
  • IP addresses control system for fraud prevention;
  • the system of white addresses definition for transaction security.

Due to increased customers demand the registration of new accounts had been closed till 15.01.2018. It is a temporary measure related to infrastructure development and new employees’ invitation. As soon as all maintenance works are finished the trading site will return to normal functioning mode.


EXMO is one of the most popular Russian language cryptocurrency stock exchanges launched in 2013 and registered one million user on 03.01.2018. The trading site official website is Remember to check “News” section after visiting website home page. This section contains latest changes related to platform operation. For example, the project has changed commission fee order on 09.01.2018.

EXMO works with 46 cryptocurrencies and allows the exchange between cryptocurrencies and exchange into fiat money. The EXMO monthly turnover makes 8100 BTC, while daily registration amount has reached the level of 2000.

In future EXMO plans further development and launching of margin loan system together with the increase of trading assets (up to 300) and adding new instruments of fiat money usage. Moreover, they plan to become one of three best cryptocurrencies stock exchange in the world (2020).

It is worth mentioning separately the EXMO Сoin token, which stock exchange representatives plan ase of tra. The coin initial exchange rate will be 1 EXO = 1 $.

  • 50% of profit will be forwarded to margin loans.
  • 26% of profit will be forwarded to project further development.
  • 19% of profit will be forwarded to marketing and license obtaining.
  • 5% of profit will be forwarded to insurance fund.

EXMO Сoin founders claim that their token can bring dividends and will grow together with other cryptocurrencies exchange rate, will have guaranteed demand and will be quickly bought by EXMO stock exchange. you can check project details and see reverse timer at official website at «EXMO Сoin» section.



eCoin is an international stock exchange oriented to Europe and CIS countries. Working domain has been registered on October 11 2009. Company official website is This trading site conducts most of the transactions with Bitcoins, Litecoins and USD. Main trade amount is for pair BTC/USD, the average daily turnover makes 2,6 million USD.

The cryptocurrency stock exchange website is protected by SSL-certificate and 256-bites encryption key. Users can independently increase account security level by performing the following actions:

  • setting of IP filter, which will allow account entering only limited amount of IP addresses;
  • connection of Google 2FA the mobile application generating the codes for two factor authentication;
  • setting of SMS notifications with the help of which you can fix each fact of account visiting.

Users mention two drawbacks in eCoin operation:

  • increased commission fee during the request for Bitcoins withdrawal (from 0,001 BTC);
  • limited set of cryptocurrency assets.

The website does not have road map published. It means that project functionality is not likely to expand in several years.



Localbitcoins is the cryptocurrency stock exchange which actively cooperates with Russian speaking users and has been registered on 05.06.2012. The project official website is 248 countries use this cryptocurrency stock exchange. The trading site is adapted the way that BTC can be exchanged into the most widespread fiat money. In 2018 users can select among 80 exchange options. 

The main advantage of Localbitcoins is at the fact that any person can either sell or purchase cryptocurrency on profitable conditions. In order to do this user has to perform the following actions:

  • shift to company official website and select one of  the sections: “Buy BTC” or “Sell BTC”;
  • check available offers or publish the own one;
  • select suitable offer, check transaction conditions and contact second participant;
  • shift to exchange transaction after all conditions agreement. The safest option is to conduct transaction via Localbitcoins. Trading site acts as guarantor and is responsible for all payments security.

User does not need to scan and upload any documents in order to become transaction participant. All transactions are done on the conditions of privacy. The cryptocurrency seller pays commission fee in the amount of 1% from the sum sold. Other hidden payments are absent. If some failures occur to  for some reasons and it is not able to cope with the amount of requests, the users can use website mirror:



Livecoin is convenient cryptoccurency stock exchange, which has appeared in 2015. This cryptocurrency stock exchange is oriented to Russian language audience and is in TOP 30 of large scale trading sites. The project official website is

Livecoin stock exchange is the modern cryptocurrency service on the exchange, sales-purchase and profit obtaining at exchange rate fluctuations. This trading site works with nearly 177 digital coins and more than 350 trading pairs. Moreover this website has separate section titled as “Adding coins”. It says that the representatives of any asset can add it to Livecoin on specific conditions. it means that they plan further increase of operational instruments.

The following seven cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Waves и Dash have the biggest turnover amount. The project does not charge fixed commission fee for transactions conducting. It depends on monthly trading turnover and provided in details at the section of “Fees and limits” of the project official website.

The project admins have decided to use the technology of cryptocurrency cold storage for users’ wallets security. Cold wallet is a physical hardware which is not connected to Internet and can’t be hacked by the thieves. Moreover Livecoin participants can connect Google authentication system and create white IP list. 

At the same time the trading site provides separate business offer for new cryptocurrencies developers. They can conduct ICO and make coin more attractive for investors with the help of Livecoin stock exchange. stock exchange has been launched on 2013. It has been initially specializing on cloud mining (the first provider). In 2015 the company has changed their profile and concentrated at trading transactions with cryptocurrency. The project official website is provides users with the possibility to conduct transactions with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, rubles, USD, pound and euro. One of the company’s specific traits is its geographic capture. The service is available in 99% countries of the world. works in 24 states of USA. It became possible due to the fact that the trading site has been registered in Great Britain and has been verified by US FinCEN committee specializing at frauds prevention. is multifunction cryptocurrency stock exchange the domain of which has appeared on August 25, 2014. The website address is The platform has been adapted for Russian language users and has proved its reliability in December 2017 it has coped with information storm related to the bankruptcy South Korea stock exchange YObit. The similarity of the title has made lot of users to withdraw money and move to other cryptocurrencies stock exchange. In January 2018 the platform has returned to standard operation mode. Monthly amount of visitors makes 5 million users.


In operation. Not blocked

Does not work. bankrupt.


Trading site presents nearly 5000 trading pair, the 450 of which are cryptocurrency pairs. This trading site has own token titled as Yovi coin. It simplified all account settlement and is accepted as IPO payment.  Project admins do not charge additional commission fees for the withdrawal of USD or rubles. The security is presented in form of smart analytical protection blocking all suspicious transactions. stock exchange provides users with the possibility to conduct trade transactions, exchange cryptocurrencies and keep track price fluctuations of various trade assets, make bets for BTC exchange rate growth and dropdown(«Dice» tab)and get free bonuses. The project presents specific cooperation programs for developers and investors, wishing to conduct ICO.



C-Cex is an international stock exchange, registered on October 25, 2013. The project official website is It has four language versions including Russian language one. This trading site has in circulation nearly 745 trade assets, which can be exchanged into Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

One of C-Cex main advantage is low commission fees:

  • trade transaction fees makes 0,2%;
  • deposit refilling and transfer between accounts makes 0%;
  • usage of additional services makes 0%.


This trading site has rather good efficiency level, allowing instant processing of trading orders and conducting of the most part of exchange transactions. Account refilling and withdrawal is done in automated mode. Such system allows decreasing to minimum transaction processing time: the accounts are refilled within 1 minute, while the money is withdrawn in `15 minutes maximum.

C-Cex site has live chat. This chat allows meeting successful traders and using their investment ideas. Moreover the website has the system allowing to vote for new cryptocurrency.



Mercatox is a universal cryptocurrency stock exchange, registered on October 12, 2015 and supports more than 160 assets. The project official website is

In future Mercatox team plans to create large-scale cryptocurrency service which will work with all types of digital money. In 2018 the daily trade turnover makes around1,3 million USD. The commission fee for traders makes 0,25%.

Mercatox stock exchange issued own markers titled as«MERCA». MERCA is not new cryptocurrency. It is an analogue of classical share, which is capable to bring profit to each holder. MERCA owners have the same authorities like Mercatox platform have.


What to pay attention to before selecting best cryptocurrency stock exchange?


As soon as you have checked the rating and selected best cryptocurrency stock exchange with minimum commission fee remember to make additional verification:

  • check daily turnover of conducted transactions;
  • check amount of available conducted transactions;
  • check availability of exchange to fiat money and security of its wiring to e-wallet;
  • check information about data verification and limitations to weakly protected accounts;
  • check the amount of commission fees you have to pay for financial transactions conducting;
  • check review and news feed.

Additional verification allows timely revealing of hidden problems and avoiding investments into bankrupt project. South Korea users did not do this in December 2017. Due to this they have learned late about hacker attack and did not manage to withdraw their savings from Youbit bankrupt stock exchange.

P.S. What do you think what is the best cryptocurrency stock exchange?

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