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Cloud mining without investments: advantages and best services

11/10/2017 00:00
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The way of profit getting from digital currency mining has drastically changed from the moment of appearance of services providing cloud mining services. The appearance of cloud mining services has made such earning type popular profitable and available for everyone wishing to get profit the main reason of thi8s was that fact that cloud mining services provide the options of cryptocurrency mining even for those who don’t have powerful PC or specific mining equipment and are not obliged purchasing it. That is why we will discuss in our article the options of cloud mining without investments.

Notion and principal advantages of cloud mining

In simple words the cryptocurrency cloud mining is a casual mining done with the help of calculation equipment rented from some service providers.

The main advantages of cloud mining are the following:

  • Organization simplicity – i.e. the absence of any add-ons or the necessity of pools searching as these tasks are fully in the competence of services admins who provide you with their calculation capacities.
  • Money and time saving. As cloud services are responsible for maintenance of equipment and mining process provision, tenant has very few time expenses and fixed financial expenses which will depend from the amount of rented capacities.
  • Fast and quick payouts of mined coins. Most cloud mining services work with manual money release mode as soon as specific money limit as attained. As a rule the service admins leave the right of money withdrawal on a daily basis but it practice such process doesn’t take more than 2-3 hours.

Currently cloud mining services allow successful mining of both popular cryptocurrencies and digital assets who has just implemented at digital currency market. This is another reason of cloud mining popularization, as one can get profit even without minimum investments.

Cloud mining without investments

Cloud mining without investments is possible due to free hashrate – bonus cryptocurrency, which is exchanged to calculation capacities. Some cloud mining services provide such bonuses for registration, that is why it is not surprising that lot of cryptocurrency society participants show great interest to it. First of all getting bonuses is always a pleasure even if it goes about small ones. Secondly free hashrate offers you the possibility to check service options and such type of cryptocurrency mining. Moreover if you buy more capacities bonus will not disappear and will be simple adding to the capacities you have purchased.

The process of cryptocurrency cloud mining without investments is the following:

  1. Registration.
  2. Email confirmation.
  3. Exchange of bonus money to hashrates.
  4. Cryptocurrency mining launching.
  5. Money release after minimum amount is attained.

Generally this process is similar to the one at cloud mining services requiring investments, excluding the fact that there user will purchase hashrates for his own money.

Reliable cloud mining web sites which don’t require investments

You can organize cloud mining without investments having used the services of the following web sites:

  • Ilivion: They provide 100 Gh/s of hashrate for registration and 5 Gh/s for each affiliate. They have the possibility of mining of one or several cryptocurrencies with the distribution of capacities.
  • SpeedMine: They provide регистрация 10 Gh/s for registration and option of Bitcoin and NameCoin simultaneous mining. You can also mine other virtual currencies. But in this case you will have to buy separate capacities.
  • Aizmer: It goes about complete analogue of Fleex platform. They provide 100 Gh/s for registration.
  • TelcoMiner: They provide 15 KH/s of hashrate after registration. The process of Bitcoin mining is started right away.
  • They provide 2 000 DOGE as a bonus after registration. Afterwards they are automatically exchanged into 13.15 FCL capacity.
  • LdMine: They provide small bonus in the amount of 2 LD/s after registration. It can be used for simultaneous mining of two cryptocurrencies with daily profit starting from 1.2%.

Cloud mining without investments is the only working way of digital currency mining, which minimizes the risks related to it. Actually the mining is an analogue of investment into shares with more positive forecasts related to its price. And if to take into account general tendencies at cryptocurrency market you contract is sure to be the profitable one.

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