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Buzcoin cryptocurrency

01/05/2018 00:00
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Review of Olga Buzova cryptocurrency: BUZCOIN (BUZ)

Russian singer Olga Buzova has announced about the launching of her own cryptocurrency BUZCOIN. She has informed about this fact on April 04, 2018 during her press-conference in “Ritz” hotel. Token will be distributed inside Buzar platform, created for communication and business. Official website

This project has obtained rather contradictory assessment among social media users and cryptoindustry specialists. Speaking about crypto industry specialists it is worth mentioning the comment of cryptocurrencies researcher Aleksandr Kitchenko. In his comment m-r Kitchenko has paid attention of prospect investors to the fact that this “cryptocurrency is not exactly cryptocurrency in its direct sense and mentioned weakly developed technical side of the project”. That is why the expert is sure that this cryptocurrency can be successful only in case if it will be connected to the service which has some practical application; for example it can be used for the payment of some goods and services.  The users of social media are rather contradictory about new project of Russian super star, so it is too early to make some conclusions. The only thing users can do is to use experts recommendations and wait with the purchase of this cryptocurrency and monitor its further development. Want to know why be sure to read this article till the end.

Project specific traits

Buzar is a blockchain platform which will unite communication platform and various trading sites for business conducting.  The idea of project authors is based on the fact that people feel inconvenient shifting from and to required applications and most people would have been more convenient if casual constantly used applications stayed in one platform.  That is why the project authors are sure that Buzar has all options to become exactly such platform. the authors are sure about project success due to the following options presented in platform

  • people can communicate, meet each other and find business partners;

  • publish video and share it with other users;

  • store, reproduce and place in open access various audio files and get reward for such job;

  • purchase tickets for concerts and other events;

  • place advertisement;

  • search and offer job;

  • leave requests, transfer and rent lodging;

  • open own internet shops.

Taking into account all the aforementioned options, Buzar platform has long-term plans to become more popular than existing services:

  • Facebook, VK and other social media;

  • YouTube video hosting;

  • Telegram, WhatsApp and other similar messenger;

  • HeadHunter and other HR agencies, making human resources management;

  • Avito, OLX and other board sites;

  • musical services, real estate agencies and internet shops.

Next developers team plans the implementation of the concept “application in application”. It is  not understandable how but it will help Buzar to create similar sites and unite everyone in one space with single cryptocurrency BUZCOIN. For more technical information remember to download and study Whitepaper.


Whitepaper has specific section devoted to further  development plans. Despite its quarterly diversification from 2018 to 2020 it does not contain any useful information for investors. Check yourself.

  • Year 2018. Olga Buzova’s team collects and shares investors money between themselves.
  • Year 2019. Platform will get several simple functions. The team will devote the rest of the time testing some applications without exact strategy.
  • Year 2020. Team does not have exact plan for this year. Maybe there will be some tests and  team will be forced to write new broshure.

Just assess  the how this roadmap is senseless – simply visit the blog of any popular cryptocurrency. nearly all information such blogs contain the data about technical innovations and new partner relationships. The website blog does not contain any information about this. But it has a lot of post about Olga Buzova.

Project team

«White Paper» says that project will be run by 17 persons. Let’s diversify these people by the amount of performed functions.

  • Idea author: Yen Coyfmann

  • Project founders: Olga Buzova, Aram Archer, Andrey Semin.

  • Co-founders: Anzhelika Sheshynova, Andrey Nedobylsky.

  • Directors: Dmirty Borodin, Aleksey Novikov, Vadim Kornushenko.

  • Project representative: Andrey Grachev.

  • Software developer: Konstantin Lazukin.

  • IT-consultant: Frank Baron.

  • Lawyer: Galina Litkovskyh, Elena Mashyna.

  • «White Paper» authors: Denis Kastin (author), Ilya Iliynsky (author), Andrey Eremishyn (designer).

Experienced cryptocurrency experts is sure to pay attention at once on the amount of people creating 33-pages broshure «White Paper». Unfortunately it is more than the amount of developers working on the creation of cryptocurrency. such aspect is sure to arise much questions among experienced investors. as other startups are doing their best to show first of all leading developers who will implement invented technology.  It is the only warranty of the project implementation. this project contains nothing of such kind. On the other hand the project authors might hope that Olga Buzova’s popularity will attract investors and such popularity will make leading developers to join the project and improve weak technical aspect of this project and bring it to qualitatively new level.

Token value

BUZCOIN tokens is payment unit at Buzar platform. They are made based on ERC20 standard. Project team plans issuing 2 100 000 000 tokens. According to developers statement in future the tokens holders will have the possibility to get additional bonuses, discounts and participate at various events of Buzar platform partners and companies working under Olga Buzova’s brand. Though Whitepaper does not provide any information about the terms of such bonuses getting.


For this moment we can consider Buzar platform and BUZCOIN cryptocurrency as well advertised project without convincing grounds to invest in Buzcoin right now.

We think that the implementation of all announced promises requires that Olga Buzova’s team gets a lot of top developers, PR-agents and managers. Project website and technical documentation does not contain exact information about used technologies and terms of presented functional implementation. It contains general wordings related to singer’s popularity only.

Experts claim that on the completion of ICO the price of Buzcoin tokens will grow for a while. Such growth will help to attract additional investors and increase the demand for coins. at the same time there might be a probability that Olga Buzova’s team will divide attracted capital and find good ground for project opening. Such option is well described in article about further fate of money collected from ICO.

We hope that our review about this cryptocurrency will help you to make sound decision and simply keep track further development of Buzcoin and its perspectives. as the popularity of singer and most reminded person in media is not the warranty of success in the sphere of cryptocurrency creation and development. For now we recommend you paying attention to more perspective cryptocurrencies like Ripple the perspectives of which are described in article “Ripple forecast 2018”.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly developing and brings something new, so stay with us and remember to subscribe to our pages in FacebookTelegram  news feed channel and YouTube  channel to stay in touch about all updates of cryptocurrency world!


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