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Bounty program in ICO: how to earn cryptocurrency without investments

05/12/2018 12:00
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An ICO bounty program: how to get some free crypto

A bounty is a campaign that is organized by a startup or any new project, in order to increase popularity among cryptocurrency and fintech users. As a rule, the Bounty campaign is created for popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, specialized cryptocurrency forums and other similar platforms.

As a concept, a bounty program was born to be applied in various on different gaming platforms. For instance, the users can try to develop a game or get tokens for winning one of its rounds. Thus, similar variants of earnings can act as a stimulating mechanism that feeds the attention and excitement of the players. In the cryptocurrency world, the concept of a bounty program has improved: now such a campaign is a necessary component of any ICO campaign. In addition, the users who participate in such a program can receive real payments. Therefore, if the project is launched successfully, such payments can turn into good profits. In that article, we will talk about Bounty programs, tell you all the main details and analyze the key earning methods on it.

About ICO bounty program

Bounty programs are created to popularize cryptocurrency startups. When such a startup starts an ICO, such bonus programs become a part of promotion strategy. For example, new users can be paid with free tokens (a project cryptocurrency) in exchange for some simple actions. This can be testing software or finding bugs, or performing more simple actions, such as posting on social networks, shooting small promo videos for YouTube, or simply commenting and popularizing the project. Thus, the project is gaining popularity among users, and people can receive small payments (as a new cryptocurrency), which may become popular and give a good profit in the future.

Bounty programs types

As a rule, a standard bounty program includes:

  • The project information translation (different languages).

  • Social networks activity. A reposts and subscriptions, retweets, all sorts of comments and sometimes even like. In fact, these can be any actions of users on social networks.

  • Writing articles for blogs or news resources: this could be a project review of the project, or news or informational article, throughout which the project is mentioned several times.

  • Video production. As a rule, in this category, the user is asked to create video reviews for YouTube. The detailed reviews can be done by professional reviewers, bloggers, or simply by ordinary users.

  • A popularization of the project using some thematic resources: it can be forums like bitcointalk, where the user can leave comments to the project posts, create new posts or maintain the project profile on the forum.

  • Design work: users can create a logo, advertising leaflets of the project; create landing pages and other visual products. Depending on the popularity of the project, the designers may have to go through some competition before the start.

  • Work for programmers. This could be work with a smart contract or software developing for the project. Sometimes projects develop mobile applications or create cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Maintaining an email newsletter

Otherwise, all bounty campaigns can be organized before and after ICO.

Bounty programs before ICO

As it has been already mentioned, such programs are used to attract more people to the project and to make an ICO presentation on social networks. The bounty program before an ICO is aimed to attract the public and increase the popularity of the project. At this stage, the program participants can perform simple tasks that will allow the users to become acquainted with the project and its’ future cryptocurrency. Such actions may include:

  1. Various actions in social networks. Here the followers can do publications on social networks, comment on posts of other users, retweet, like and watch various videos. As a rule, the most useful social platforms for such actions are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

  2. Adding forum links to bitcointalk forum signatures. Popular forums are often used to popularize startups because such sites have a great cryptocurrency audience. That means that the return of such collaboration is the largest. In this case, the ICO-project team may issue a forum signature, which will contain a link to the project site. The user places this signature under the forum message, and other users can use it for start-up information browsing. The profit of such a link depends on how many users click it.

  3. Writing articles. Usually, this kind of work is offered to the authors of large blogs with a large and active audience. The task is pretty simple: a blogger writes and publishes articles about an upcoming ICO project. The reward, as in previous cases, depends on how many people read this blog and how many comments the text will collect.

Bounty programs after ICO

The bounty programs after the ICO are aimed at developing an already launched product. At this stage, the developers review their own launching experience, study the comments and suggestions of users, fix the project bugs. In this case, the enthusiasts who are really interested in the project, and want to improve it, are attracted by the bonus programs. The main activities in this case are:

  1. Bugs report.. Such a bounty program can not only attract interested users, but also help developers to receive  bug reports as soon as possible, identify the main problems of the platform, and fix them in time for project more coherent operation.

  2. Technical and promo documentation translation into other languages. Such a program may include the translation of all the project documents; working with foreign language versions of social networks, or moderation the project sections on forums. As a rule, such a program is good for translators or native speakers of foreign languages. Often, such people translate the project site info, adapt the whitepaper, and work with foreign language branches on forums.

Required social media

As already mentioned, the great number of bounty programs are focused on the work with social networks. Therefore, if you still do not have any of these accounts, you should start using them before participating at bounty programs. Most often, you will need the following social networks:

  • Bitcointalk forum account. This point is very important, due to the forum’s largest crypto community audience. In this case, you need to create an account, start your first topic and earn a rating for your page.

  • Telegram account. Now, it is one of the most popular and usable messengers for official chats and new project promotions. Usually, working with Telegram is an important thing for any campaign.

  • Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. The last one, as a rule, is not particularly important, but in some cases, it can be used as an option. It is important to have enough subscribers for each of the account – at least 100-500 people.

How to participate at your first bounty program

The Bounty program participation is a good way to develop cryptocurrency industry, as well as to earn tokens without investments. Depending on the company itself, the tokens can be either spent directly on the website of this company, used to purchase any services, sold or exchanged for fiat money. As a rule, the tasks are very simple and do not require any special knowledge from the participants. To find a suitable startup to participate, follow the simple algorithm:

  1. Create an account on bitcointalk forum. At these forums, you can find available bonus programs, so you can immediately find the news about fresh projects and participate in time.

  2. When choosing your first bounty program, consider the reliability of that startup. To do this, you need to examine all the information about the project carefully, both on the forum and on the Internet. It will be useful to read reviews from other users. This will help you to protect yourself from fraud and mistakes.

  3. Note if the task is accurate. You should clearly understand what is required to do, so you can make your work plan and avoid mistakes.

  4. Make sure that you have enough time to complete the tasks and that nothing can distract you or, in any way, affect the quality of the result of your work.

  5. Find out, how many users have already joined the bounty campaign. Remember that the more participants are in the project, the less will be the share of each of them. Please note that sometimes there are projects, where the money is given for the work you did. Thus, you will receive payment exactly for your actions, and this payment will be fair.

  6. Pay attention to who are the founders of the project. Study the reputation of these people. If they famous to bitcointalk forum, or were previously engaged in other start-ups and received some positive feedback, so your participation in such a project may bring you profit. As an additional advantage, you can search for their social networks, various video conferences and webinars: all this increases contact with users and shows the focus on the audience.

After you are done with all the above points, you can start doing tasks and receive your first tokens.

If you are interested in working with bounty programs, do not forget to visit our site. Here you will find other articles for this topic, such as "How to invest in ICO and make money". In these articles, you will find more details and information about this type of earning. This info will help you in further work.

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly developing and brings something new, so stay with us and remember to subscribe to our pages in FacebookTelegram news feed channel and YouTube channel to stay in touch about all updates of cryptocurrency world!

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