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Reason and dynamics of Bitcoin price changes

22/08/2017 00:00
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If you wish to purchase Bitcoins and start getting profit from them it is important to make detailed studies about what forms Bitcoin price and what are the main factors in forming this digital currency exchange rate.
In most cases BTC exchange rate is formed taking into account of demand and supply. Besides this during the course of exchange rate growth history we can see the fact that this cryptocurrencyprice is greatly influenced by the players with big assets and mass panics in the niche( all this can be easily tracked by means of exchange rate fluctuations schedule).
Saying in simple words any holder of cryptocurrency first born can both increase and decrease cryptocurrency exchange rate if he uses artificially created panics and demand increase. Both local and international changes of BTC exchange rate will always take place as every person is in constant search of his money efficient investment.

Reasons of BTC price changes 

As a rule the price of all money units depends on many factors. Taking into account the data available for this domain, exchange rate can:
• gradually increase or decrease. Such situation is typical when players are able to purchase assets;
• sharply increase or decrease: in case of pumper appearance at the market.
Pumpers are the domain participants with huge assets, who are capable to raise BTCV price to maximum level. Such pumpers skillfully regulate the agiotage of new traders and create the illusion of currency exchange rate stable growth and cause panics among the novices and make them making the mass purchases of cryptocurrency. After BTC price reaches its maximum pumpers start selling assets by making dump and causing currency price drop down to maximum minimum.
 The main indices of BTC price growth is an increasing demand and popularity of digital currency together with quality mass advertisement by making people to know more about the option of good profit getting the more they will want to invest their savings in such a way.
BTC price fluctuations strongly depend from this currency perceived value. Digital first born has a lot of positive qualities, which traditional fiat currencies can’t boast of. That is why any information both positive and negative about this cryptocurrency influences its perceived value by thus increasing or decreasing cryptocurrency price. This results at growth or decrease of 1 BTC price.
The history of BTC exchange rate has lot of cases of currency exchange rate strong fluctuations. Despite BTC price constant growth there are the cases when experienced pumpers “invent” negative news about this cryptocurrency in order to dump its exchange rate and get profit for themselves.

Type of Bitcoin exchange rate
 The changes of BTC price can occur in a different way due to what cryptocurrency society uses the following notions reflecting existing situation:
• Correction: this event occurs in case of smooth decrease or growth of BTC prices after price sharp growth or decrease.
• Decrease: average currency decrease maximum up to 7%.
• Dumping: 1 BTC price sharp decrease due to dumping, overall panics or negative news. In such situation the price of BTC can decrease even for 15%.
In practice experienced traders easily differentiate correction from dumping and foresee such processes in advance. In most cases correction is followed after small growth o cryptocurrency price. If some stock exchanges keep big trade volumes without correction in such situation the option of fast dumping is quite real.
Short term BTC price changes, the correction and dumping at cryptocurrency stock exchange are frequent. So it is possible to make correct game at the exchange rate decrease and make timely purchases only in case of accurate understanding of the “bottom” i.e. the minimum the cryptocurrency price can attain.
Smooth decrease of Bitcoinprice occurs only in case of low-rise long term trend during small amount of bids. The pace of virtual currency price decrease strongly depends on bad news and the level of influence to the situation at cryptocurrency market from the experienced players part. Especially if it goes about players having big assets.
In most cases the “dumping” is a well -planned and well -thought event made by large scale players. It is impossible to foresee such processes but it is worth remembering that pump is followed by dumping. Moreover previous situations confirm that pumping has always been followed by negative news provoking panics among market participants.
How to foresee BTC price changes
It is impossible to make accurate forecasts about cryptocoins prices fluctuations, but they are rather easy to foresee in case if you make the following on a daily basis:
• Attentive monitoring of cryptocurrency society news updates
• Keeping track of currency development dynamics;
• Keeping track of trend popularization level.
It is very easy to understand the importance of quality assessment of the information obtained during the course of such observations. At the same time you don’t have to afraid to take fast solutions as suitable moment for profitable BTC transactions is rather short. And if you miss it you might have to wait for next suitable moment or loose in worst case. Digital currency market speculation will always correct the situation while you might get good profit in case you manage catching the wave.

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