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About HYIPs and ways of earning on them

17/01/2018 00:00
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HYIP project is an investment fund working on the basis of financial pyramid principle, known to a lot of people in our country. HYIP online project works solely with cryptocurrencies.

This investment type operates due to investors from new investors. From the moment of cooperation platform holders and investors agree the percentage of payments, while new investor does not need to register as legal person or private entrepreneur. In such case the information where exactly the investors’ money are invested is not stipulated as in general they are invested in nothing, excluding rare cases.

Types of HYIPs

The HYIPs can be classified as low profitable, middle profitable and highly profitable ones. The low profitable HYIPs are considered to be the most profitable and less risky ones. Despite low percentage and profitability level it is more stable and stays on the wave for a longer period of time. Moreover low profitable HYIP can function with low level investments from new investors.

All HYIPs are divided into 4 key stages:

  • investment stage;
  • development stage;
  • profit (accumulation) stage;
  • loss stage.

During first three stages all “magic” occurs- during this period all invested money is returned and first profit starts to occur.

HYIP projects operational principle

The main HYIPs stages can last from 2-3 months till several years and after comes the stage of losses. This stage causes the decrease of new investments flow by thus stopping project financial reserves and admins decide to close such project.

That is why it is extremely important to invest in HYIP project at the stage of its incorporation and initial stage. Exactly at this stage the indexes of financial growth provide permanent result. It is important to track the time when you need to come out of the project until loss stage starts. Frankly speaking the last investment and non-timely coming out is one of the most widespread mistakes of investors beginners.

After entry to HYIP project the investor main task is to pay back as soon as possible the invested finances and leave obtained profit in it. Otherwise investor has the risk to stay with nothing.

At the same time remember that profit should not stay in circulation for a long time and it is necessary to withdraw in on a constant basis. No matter how reliable and long term the HYIP seems it is hard to forecast what will happen tomorrow.

Main rules of earning on HYIPs

Below we will site the main rules of earning at HYIP, which will help you to get profit in case you observe them:

  1. We do not recommend touching the projects promising ultra-profit in order to minimize the losses.
  2. It is necessary to enter project right at project launching or initial stage.
  3. If project admins suppose money daily withdrawal it is necessary to use such option every day. We do not recommend investing at the same HYIP twice.
  4. Keep track the time of HYIP project operation as in most cases such projects are closed before Christmas holidays or during summer vacations when admins decide to withdraw everything and go on vacation.
  5. Do not invest all your savings at once as there is a risk not to bring your money back.
  6. Remember that it is important to come out from HYIP in time.
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