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About Dao PlayMarket 2.0

21/10/2017 00:00
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Dao PlayMarket 2.0 platform is a new époque in the sphere of mobile applications, which might bring lot of profit and new opportunities both for casual users, developers and potential investors, showing significant interest to the technologies of the future. It goes about decentralized Android applications e-shop accepting payment in various cryptocurrencies and combined with crowd-investing ICO platform for developers.

The platform basis currency is Ethereum. The cost of applications and/or other goods and services can be fixed both at Ethereum and fiat currency like USD. The Dao PlayMarket 2.0 tokens ticker is PMT. PMT overall amount makes 3000000. During ICO process it is planned to distribute 75% of tokens and use the return for marketing campaign related to Dao PlayMarket 2.0. The remaining 25% PMT will be transferred to project team- the organizer of Dao PlayMarket 2.0 and will be frozen for 24 months.

Project idea and tasks

The platform main idea lies at the development of decentralized independent society where users will be able to take independent solutions without relying at traditional centralized authorities. If to speak about the tasks and goals of Dao PlayMarket 2.0 it is worth mentioning that platform is designed for the implementation of sustainable economical model between developer, investor and user together with the development of unified standard of mobile application market tokenization. Moreover crowd-investing site ICO platform will provide developers to find additional financing for further development. Built-in cryptocurrency stock exchange will enable tokens purchase for any currency.

This platform has range of significant advantages over other similar sites and large scale mobile applications e-shops.

Such advantages are the following:

  • This platform is persistent to censorship. Main information is stored at blockchain, by thus allowing to provide security and provide access to applications from any part of the world;
  • Developers get additional options for the attraction of additional investments into their project via built-in crowd-investment platform (ICO). Any developer can issue tokens related to own application:
  • Dao PlayMarket 2.0 has integrated decentralized cryptocurrency stock exchange for which open software interface (API), which will become available for third party developers to integrate at their applications;
  • Option of cryptocurrency payment, which significantly enlarges the sphere of shop usage and approaches cryptocurrency to end user;
  • Option of developers’ applications promotion and handing out the tokens for application installation;
  • All applications are scanned for viruses and exploits in automated mode with further manual moderation. Then this project supposes algorithm moderation after DAO community approval taking into account new technologies.

Bearing in mind this platform versatility let’s review in details the advantages for all potentially interested parties. If to speak about the users the one using Dao PlayMarket 2.0 platform have the possibility to invest to the development of application he or she likes and get return from it. Moreover users can get additional returns like in form of application tokens for purchases or various actions inside application. Another advantage lies at getting safe trouble free access to decentralized censorship free platform both at the level of state and specific shops of mobile applications with the possibility to pay in cryptocurrency for the purchases made via application.


This part of the project participants can get significant return from participation at this platform. The return is presented in a following way:

  • Option to issue tokens from application and distribute them between current shareholders;
  • Option to issue tokens and sell them at Dao PlayMarket 2.0 platform via built-in crowd-investing ICO platform to external investors and application users;
  • Option to sell applications for cryptocurrency;

Platform commission fee makes only 1% (unlike 30% at Google Play). This commission acts as a reward for financial transactions. Developers get profit from the sales of their application and content within fixed period stipulated at smart contract. Moreover the platform provides developers with an open access to source code of Dao PlayMarket 2.0 interior smart contacts, PlayMarket 2.0 mobile application and web site. The most important advantage is a complete absence of bureaucracy.

Node owners 

Platform stable operation at the network requires specific amount of nodes which will provide transactions input and output to blockchain, application and their information transfer. The more users platform will get the more nodes it would need meaning more profit for node owners. In order to add his node to the list of verified ones the owner has to refill his account with guaranty deposit using platform basic currency and insert specific amount of PMT tokens to smart contract. This deposit acts as a security and warranty of node trustworthy operation. The deposit amount is defined automatically depending on the amount of conducted transactions.


Project advantages are accompanied by various risks related to tokens purchase. These risks are related to the following aspects:

  • Dependence from IT infrastructure;
  • Smart contract limitations;
  • Legal risks;
  • Taxes from sales and other taxes;
  • PMT tokens price.

One way or another Dao PlayMarket 2.0 is the technology of future opening new horizons for all interested participants. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to become the part of this project and use all its advantages together with risks.

For communication in Telegram - playmarket_2 

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