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About Bitbon system

21/07/2018 00:00
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About Bitbon system

We are living in the era of fourth industrial revolution. This segment is subject to evolutionary changes related to scientific technical progress. Economy transformations cause business relationship transformation together with the model of entrepreneurship in whole.

Bitbon system serves as an evident example of such changes and its concept prones thinking that within nearly tenth years of cryptocurrency existence the society has finally managed to use mechanism of digital money operations in full way.

Various alternatives of business conducting, which modern technologies offer are far from being perfect and are connected to old economic model in one way or another. Currently the usage of traditional investment ways in entrepreneurship activity is not very efficient way of business projects conducting. Bitbon system promises users to solve main issues of investment into perspective projects at the account of modern digital technologies application.

System operation specific traits

Let’s start that Bitbon system has one key component meaning digital financial instrument the value of which defines its unique capacities. Generally it goes about modernized crypto asset, provided by the part of assets’ property rights. System participants can store, sell, purchase and exchange this financial instrument like with standard currency. Besides this users have the possibility to conclude agreements between themselves, convert Bitbon into Projectbon, by thus investing their assets into various commercial projects in frames of contributing. Contributing stands for another way of capital increase by Bitbon system participant by means of business projects financing. All transactions are done with the help of smart-contracts and fixed at blockchain by thus interfering their further correction or cancellation. The simplicity of smart-contracts conclusion is done by means of the set of flexibly configured modules and specifically developed programming language DSL (domain specific language), which are adapted to maximum for the usage in blockchain space.

And the most important the implementation of improved version of DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), which takes into account rating of system participant besides ownership share and allows developing this network without decreasing the level of its reliability and speed. Besides this the transactions in Bitbon system are conducted without commission fees, while transactions security is provided by doubled protections system based at interactive cryptography protocol zk-SNARKs. The essence of zero-proof algorithm zk-SNARKs lies at the possibility of one interacting party to make sure about the validity of the information without any personal data provision.

Bitbon influence for cryptocurrency market further development

Blockchain value for the society has been accessed long time ago and lot of well-developed states has started to implement these technologies in to their social-economic structures. By using these technologies Bitbon system offers to solve the issues confirming business projects viability in informational space and provides complete decentralization by thus excluding any illegal actions with crypto assets. Each user has access to all investment documents and rating of system participants’ trust. Moreover, the system has another significant fragment as Bitbon capitalization fund. Its main function to provide the management options to all system participants for the sake of common interests and Bitbon capitalization increase and users profit in general. Bitup-agencies are responsible for the observation of contract conditions and business offers correspondence to system requirements. Like other users these agencies are Bitbon system participants but they have authorities to take decisions to get access of money collection for project further implementation as auditors.

Like Bitbon system development concept mentions, this system should exclude existing drawbacks in the methods of business conducting, having structured each stage of business projects performance. It concerns commission and transaction fees, data protection, and each transaction performance reliability.


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