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The review of Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX

01/07/2019 04:06
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Best exchange for trading Bitcoin with leverage – BitMEX

BitMEX stands for Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange with a leading position among the most popular trading sites for decentralized assets trading. Due to high accounts security and the option to store funds inside the platform, BitMEX is widely used as casual storage for cryptocurrency assets.

But this review will be devoted to those who are interested at the issue on how and where to earn at cryptocurrency trading (especially Bitcoin). Exactly the BitMEX allows doing this in a maximum simple and profitable way. Of course in case you have required knowledge and minimum experience.

Why exactly BitMEX is the best exchange for trading Bitcoin?

This exchange trading conditions is the main aspect making it attractive for users. All users might use ultra-profitable leverage 1:100 and the option to open long or short trades. 

In practice it means that having refilled the account for 1 BTC only, the user gets the possibility to open positions amounting to 100BTC. A sound quite good, isn’t it?

And it seems that thousands of BitMEX users providing the website with immense daily turnover agree to this statement. Currently this trading website has confidently fixed the level of 3, 5 billion USD daily turnover. If to judge by current Bitcoin exchange rate it goes about more than 300 thousand coins. Quite cool result making think on the matter of registration and trading at BitMEX.

Getting registered at BitMEX for trading Bitcoin

In this article we are covering the BTC aspects but it does not mean that this trading site specializes only at this coin. This website will be convenient for those who specializes at: Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, IOS and others

On the other hand, the option with BTC purchase/sale is the most profitable one. Such profit is justified by the amount of leverage. As only for Bitcoin the leverage of X100 is being offered. In this case you do not even have to pay commission fee in case if you are a maker. The takers are in a little bit worthier situation and they do have to pay some amount as commission fee.

For getting registered at BitMEX you have to follow few simple steps which we will describe below.

Instruction on getting registered at BitMEX:

  • Enter registration tab at exchange official website;
  • Fill in required fields having specified your e-mail, password, country and your real first and last name;
  • Agree to Trading site terms and Conditions in the bottom of the same block;
  • Press “Register” button;
  • Wait for account confirmation letter;
  • Confirm registration having followed the link from the letter.

After registration you will get the possibility to refill your personal account, make trades at one of the most popular crypto exchanges of the world.

BitMEX main specific traits

Generally, this trading site does not differ much from other sphere top representatives. But there are some specifics, indeed:

  • Complex interface which might give (after thorough studies) maximum options for the implementation of various ideas and tactics;
  • Small list of available cryptocurrencies (while all of them are extremely liquid and will always find its buyer/seller);
  • Account refilling is done in USD/BTC, while withdrawal in BTC only;
  • Different commission fees for takers and makers (the latter is in more profitable condition);
  • The system of money withdrawal with high security level which will protect your account from money theft in case of hacking (the withdrawal process is being controlled and verified by two different employees);
  • The option to trade at BitMEX at complete anonymity without complex verification procedure.

Advantages of BitMEX trading site

  • Good Russian language localization;
  • Low commission fees;
  • Huge amount of users and liquid cryptocurrencies;
  • Demo mode for those who would like to learn web site options;
  • Huge leverage for Bitcoin trading (x100);
  • Regular monitoring of accounts and balances on the behalf of BitMEX (save accounts from being hacked and unauthorized activity).

Reviews about BitMEX trading site

Intelligent and modern trading site BitMEX is an exchanger oriented for professional traders and highly motivated novices. Despite the complexity of cryptocurrency trading process it has wonderful conditions for training skills and getting new options.

This information had been confirmed at various theme forums and trading sites devoted to BitMEX options reviews. As for negative practice this issue is topical for novices who risk without having sufficient knowledge base and practice.

BitMEX is the project which will never attract users with sound mottoes and vain promises. It gives experienced players, who are in search of quality trading site with high security level, confirmed by numerous feedbacks, the possibility to use high-quality trading site.

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