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Matrix investing with the Forsage project

04/09/2020 13:45
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Have you ever wondered about the reasons for the popularity of modern pyramid schemes? It's all about a powerful economic model that allows you to get a significant return on your investment in a short period of time with minimal investment. This return is so high that people consciously take risks and are willing to invest even in deliberately fraudulent projects. Even if the pyramid works for less than a month, many investors will still be able to fully recoup their investments.

The popularization of blockchain technologies has led to the creation of a digital economy in which pyramid schemes are no longer the most efficient form of funds distribution. They had been replaced by the matrix structure implemented in the Forsage community. Now your profitability is comparable to the profit of any financial pyramid, but there is no risk of loss or not making a profit due to the organizers’ actions. Let's figure out how everything works and why it is profitable to make money with Forsage.

How it works

The Forsage project is a decentralized smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the site does not have an owner and a special supervisory authority that can block client payments or interrupt the project. The Forsage infrastructure is completely safe and designed in such a way that it can fail only in two cases: if money or electricity on the planet disappears.

The Forsage project consists of two programs: Forsage X4 and Forsage X3. Forsage X4 is aimed at novices who are unfamiliar with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and recruiting. The main question for these people is where to find new users and how to convince them to join Forsage.

Forsage X3 is suitable for experienced users who have already appreciated the benefits of blockchain technologies and have practical skills in the field of network marketing. That is, such people can easily find new users and explain to them the benefits of participating in Forsage.

If you invite a person to a project, then he is permanently assigned to your account and brings affiliate profits - this scheme is called referral linking and cannot be violated due to the action of a smart contract. The referral link has no expiration date and therefore you get a lifetime source of income from the moment of registration.

X4 and Forsage X3 programs consist of twelve sites and arranged in such a way that each new site brings more value and income

In the Forsage X3 program, you will receive 100% profit on your crypto wallet for each attracted user. In Forsage X4, you can invite more people to each matrix with some nuances here:

  • The program matrix is designed for six places, located in two lines. Therefore, six people needed to fill the site.
  • You can invite people in two ways: through independent presentations (as in X3) and by inviting your partners (top or bottom level) via the links. The top partner is the person who invited you to the project. The bottom partner is the one you have invited.

When you register, you automatically get access to the first sites in two programs at once. This is a mandatory rule of the system and it cannot be changed. However, you choose how to develop: attract users through X3, work according to the X4 program, or combine both approaches.

Registration procedure

Create a cryptocurrency wallet Metamask, go to the website On the first screen, click the "Register" button and select the method of interacting with the site: via a PC or via a smartphone. Next, you need to transfer 0.05 ETH to the Forsage smart contract and confirm the registration. The procedure is not complicated and does not require specific knowledge. However, be sure to download the detailed step-by-step instructions if you encounter any difficulties.

Features of Forsage X3 and X4

If you start using the Forsage X3 program, the profit is obtained as follows:

  • From the first two invited partners you get 100% profit on your own cryptocurrency wallet. The payment is done automatically and is wired immediately after the partner registers in the system.
  • The third person pays for your reinvestment. This is a special payment with the help of which you can use the X3 matrix and receive a constant income from each open site.

Due to reinvestment, each participant can count on stable profits and Forsage project constant scalability.

The Forsage X4 program works according to different rules and here you receive payments only from second line participants. In the matrix, these places are numbered three, four, five and six. The profit from the third, fourth and fifth places goes to the crypto wallet, and the income from the sixth place goes for reinvesting. Payments from the first and second place are sent to higher level partners. This creates a structure in which everyone earns. 

Also, this type of matrix involves spillovers i.e. the cash payments that you can receive from the work of a lower or higher level partners. During work process you may see that some of the invited partners may overtake you. But if you continue opening new sites, then you will be able to receive income from their activities and return to your original matrix structure with time. Remember about the referral link, which helps you never break the hierarchy between partners. 

About upgrade and profitability

Suppose you have used the Forsage X3 program and reached the eighth level. All the cells of the matrix are filled in and you got the first payment from them. In this case, you will receive a special notification about the necessity to pay for the upgrade. It means that you will be asked to pay the cost of the transition to the ninth level. If you do not do this, then the amount of payments will be limited by the income of the matrices ranging from the first to the seventh level. If you upgrade, you will open the eighth level and get the possibility to continue.

Upgrade is an optional payment and is intended only for those users who want to develop and get the most out of their investments. To make sure of this, look at the approximate profitability table, which displays your potential profit after all the levels of the matrix are filled. Keep these numbers in mind and treat the upgrade like a regular commission that is needed to grow your business. 

Conditions for a quick start

If you are just getting acquainted with the prospects of blockchain technologies and know anything about the network business, but want to test everything with minimal investment, try to make sure that you buy at least three sites with the first payment.

If you are already somewhat familiar with MLM marketing and the sales funnel, your recommended minimum is six sites.

The specified amount was not chosen by chance. Provided that partners are attracted on a permanent basis, you can immediately count on large spillovers, the return from which may exceed 1000% of the investment amount. If you start with one site, the profit will be much more modest. 

If it is not yours to construct matrixes and search for active investors we can offer you more interesting activity bring both pleasure and income. Moreover taking into account rather high commission fee of ETH transfer to the contract.

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