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SCAM. investment project

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10/01/2019 12:54
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Let’s present for your attention new adding in our monitoring the review of ultra profitable HYIP This project authors are sure that the investment into knowledge is the most reliable source of income and only those who believe in themselves and can dream have the future. Sounds rather promising so let’s try to understand if investors have the grounds to be sure that their dreams become reality due to investments at According to the legend, this project has been incorporated by the company of experts in the sphere of cryptocurrency trades and mining of various cryptocurrencies who are sure that their knowledge and experience in this sphere enable to provide investors with the constant return from invested money.
As project author mentions the knowledge of specific trading technologies has helped to develop financial trading strategies bringing constant profit irrespectively of the cryptocurrency market volatility. Mining farms located at the sites, which are most profitable from the economical and environmental point of view. Generally, everything is related to the world of digital assets and blockchain technologies. Moreover, the project authors claim that their mission is to popularize blockchain technologies and make everyone know about cryptocurrency.

About the company

As we have mentioned above the  project has been settled by the team of crypto traders and mining specialists who had incorporated ETHERLITE MINING LTD company in accordance with British legislation requirement. The bottom of project website home page contains confirmation documents with registration number, using which the users can check the project information authenticity at the website of British companies registration department. Under the copy of this document, you can find the information about the company legal address, which is 43 Mayfield Rd, Dagenham, United Kingdom, RM8 1XJ.
The “Contacts” section dubs the information about the company legal address and contains the “Contact us” form for contacting project admins. All you need is to specify your name, e-mail and your message.
The project is not presented in social media but contains “News” section with the welcome statement from project admins and invitation to invest into the project. Now let’s shift to registration and deposit processing details.

Registration and deposit processing

The procedure for registration is rather simple and does not take more than two minutes. To begin with, you have to enter the “Register” tab. In this tab, you must specify your last name, first name, invent a login, password, specify your email address, invent a secret question and the answer to it. At the same time, do not forget to enter your details in the payment systems for profits’ depositing and withdrawing. We will specify further in the review about the payment systems the project works with. But back to the registration procedure. After all the necessary information has been entered, you must agree to the project website Terms and conditions. As soon as you agree you will be redirected to your personal account.
Now let’s check the features of working with a personal account. The personal user account has a fairly simple and concise interface. In the left corner, there is an account statistics with information on deposits, amounts of investments made and withdrawals. In the right corner, there are four tabs with data on the "Main balance", “Total deposit”, “Active deposit”) and the amount of earned profit. Below these tabs, there are Go to make the deposit and Go to make withdraw buttons. Under these buttons, there is another equally important information - your referral link, which you can use to attract other users to the project. Details of its usage can be found later in the review.
As already mentioned above, you need to use the Go to make deposit tab in order to make a deposit. After clicking this button, the user is redirected to the page with the investment plans of the project. On the same page, there is a line where you need to enter the desired amount of the deposit and select the source of funds transfer. This may be the balance of one of the payment systems with which the project works and on which the user has money in the account; or account balance in one of the payment systems with which the project works. Please note that in work with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. In addition, the FAQ section contains links that allow you to register wallets in the above systems.
After selecting the necessary parameters for crediting funds, you must click the Spend button. After clicking this button, the user is automatically redirected to the payment page. We now turn to the consideration of investment project plans.

Investment plans

The project presents four investment plans: "Standard", "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinum". Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • The Standard Investment Plan implies a minimum deposit amount of 0.004 BTC. The maximum amount of 1.000 BTC. Hourly charges of 0.21% of the deposit amount. Daily profit of 5%. The term of the deposit is a lifetime;
  • The Silver Investment Plan implies a minimum deposit of 1.001 BTC. The maximum amount of 3.000 BTC. Hourly charges are 0.29% of the deposit amount. Daily profit of 7%. The term of the deposit is a lifetime;
  • The Gold Investment Plan implies a minimum deposit amount of 3.001 BTC. The maximum amount is 10.000 BTC. Hourly charges are 0.38% of the deposit amount. Daily profit of 9%. The term of the deposit is a lifetime;
  • The Platinum Investment Plan implies a minimum deposit of 10.001 BTC. The maximum amount is 100.000 BTC. Hourly charges are 0.45% of the deposit amount. Daily profit of 11%. The term of the deposit is a lifetime.

In all plans, the deposit is included in the payments.

Withdrawal of funds

Let us consider the withdrawal procedure in more detail. As indicated in the FAQ section on the website, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC. If the withdrawal is made on Perfect Money, Payeer, the funds are credited instantly. Sometimes there may be a delay of up to one day. If funds are withdrawn on cryptocurrency wallets, then the credits go in accordance with the regulations of the cryptocurrency used and are not immediately displayed on the account balance in the project. Withdrawal of funds is carried out on the same system with which the deposit was issued. At the same time, project administrators draw users' attention to the fact that the project administration does not charge additional interest for withdrawing funds, but is not responsible for the fees that the payment system used may charge.

Affiliate Program and Representative Status

The project has a four-level affiliate program of 5% - 3% - 2% - 1%, giving users a chance to earn if the user invites someone who makes the deposit at the project. Referral link is presented in the user's personal account. The user can use this link in social networks, in personal blogs or other online resources. Promo materials can be found in the "Referral Links" section. All data on the total number of referrals, active referrals and the amount of partner remuneration are presented in the "Referrals" section.
For a partnership reward receipt, it is not necessary to have an active deposit in the project. Payments are received at the user's account in your account. The funds received can be used for making a deposit or for funds’ withdrawing. Attentive investors who read the FAQ section, namely the Affiliate Program subsection, will certainly notice that if the investor invited by the user makes a deposit from the account balance in the system, the user will not receive his partner reward. Minus on the one hand, on the other - the call to be more careful and read the information in the "Frequently Asked Questions."

Along with partner remuneration, the project provides for payments on the status of the Representative. It goes about 4-level reward program. The size of payments is 10% - 6% - 4% - 2%. To obtain the status of a representative, you must have at least one active deposit and at least three users who clicked on the referral link and made a deposit in the project. The project admins provide “representatives” with information and marketing support to attract the maximum number of investors.

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