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CryptominingFarm service

08/05/2018 00:00
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CryptominingFarm: cloud-mining service review

CryptominingFarm is the service of cloud-mining, working since 2015. This project will help everyone to rent capacities, participate at cryptocurrency mining and open new source of passive income. Official website

All network reviews can be divided into two categories:

  • some participants are convinced that CryptominingFarm is scam site, which does not pay money and does not allow to earn;

  • second groups of user manages to generate permanent profit. That is why they share their results and claim all interested parties to join the project.

This article has been written  on May 07, 2018. For this moment the CryptominingFarm service works 864 days. We think that it is rather significant term to avoid negative comments during decision making process. Let’s review project options and make own sound conclusions after studying the information we have provided:

  • if you do not see any trick you can dispose small sum and invest in CryptominingFarm;

  • if you do not like the project and consider it to be fraudulent one you can shift at once to the studies of other types of earning at cryptocurrenciesх.

Irrespective of the solution you take remember to read the article “How to earn at cryptocurrency” right after checking CryptominingFarm. In this article you will find lot of useful recommendations for investors beginners. For more detailed studies of this topic remember to think about forming own cryptocurrency portfolio.

Registration procedure

Enter website and find «Register» tab.  Remember to fill in all required fields, agree to Terms and conditions, enter captcha if needed.  Press “Register” button if all data are correct.

Then enter the email you have specified and open notification from CryptominingFarm. Click the link you have seen and complete registration process. After select “Login” section, enter registration data and get access to personal account.

Important! Remember to enter secret code during account entry. It goes about additional protection for your money. Store this code at separate device and regularly scan it for viruses.

Service operation specific traits

For capacities purchase remember to enter personal account and select «BUY» tab. After you will see the page divided into two zones:

  • first zone is located in centre. It consists of several time frames and arrow allowing to change the amount of GHs;

  • second zone is located in screen right part. This section displays balance and amount of capacities used for mining process.

When required parameters are set remember to press «BUY NOW» button. The system will offer to check data accuracy and request transaction confirmation.  if everything is done correctly you will see the address of wallet to which you should wire payment. Next you have to wait for transaction completion and shift to the usage of purchased capacities.

Important! All available contracts at CryptominingFarm are divided by their validity terms from 3 months to 15 years.  While the duration of contract term does not influence the index of daily profitability.  Though the greater the investment period is the greater are the profitability indexes.

Let’s say you have purchased 1000 GHs.  In such case your warranted profit will make 90 cents. You will get this sum in any case of three months contract and fifteen years contract. The difference is in the amount of total profit:

  • with three months contract you will earn around 30 % from invested sum;

  • with fifteen years contract you will earn more than 1000% of profit

Let’s illustrate this in form of chart

Index3 months contract15 years contract
Amount of purchased capacities1000 GHs1000 GHs
Daily profit90 cents90 cents
Contract price63 $383 $
Total profit81 $4928 $
Net profit18 $  makes around 30% from start-up capital 4545 $ makes around 1187% from start-up capital

In case if you encounter difficulties when working with CryptominingFarm remember to check “FAQ” section or contact operator.

Conclusion:  is it worth investing at CryptominingFarm

We can not provide univocal recommendation about this service as this service is not considered to be verified at “Cloud mining” section of our cryptocurrency portal monitoring

  • on the other hand CryptominingFarm works since 2015, pays profit and attracts with profitable cooperation conditions. Another advantage lies at the fact of issuance of own coins and activity at popular stock exchanges. Such events can make sure about the success of this project and option to get good profit

  • on the other hand this project has some drawbacks  which might arise questions among experienced investors. The company has been registered in Thailand and works without the license of financial regulator. While lot of users complain that this website is a scam and does not pay money. Despite warranted profitability, CryptominingFarm is not extremely popular among users.

One way or another it is up to you to decide but you will win. Remember to share your comments about CryptominingFarm.

What will be if you decide to invest in CryptominingFarm capacities.What will be if you decide not to invest into CryptominingFarm capacities.

You will get the possibility to obtain the source of passive income

If you lose you will get experience and the possibility to study article about ICO investment further fate and will not invest into doubtful projects 

You will have the time for other profitable investments

In such case you have to look the article “Ripple forecast 2018”

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