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BitPlay Club Bitcoin lottery review

27/09/2018 05:57
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BitPlay Club is a daily online lottery in which you can win bitcoins. As for the classic lottery Bitplay Club differs only by the fact that the distribution of winning numbers supposes blockchain technology usage:

  • a special formula is launched;
  • winning numbers are generated;
  • anyone can  look at the source code and make sure the lottery fairness any time.

The blockchain technology excludes all the options for falsification and so that none of the organizers of the Bitplay Club lottery can influence the generation of bitcoin blocks. This means that the numbers drop out randomly and each user has a chance to guess and win.

Next, we will analyze the registration process and expand on the features of working with the Bitplay Club website.

Bitplay Club home page

Bitplay Club is owned by Bitplay Club NV (Curacao). Bitplay Club NV is a registered company operating under license 365 / JAZ Sub-License GLH-OCCHKTW0704102018.

General rules

The lottery at BitPlay Club website is held every day at 13:00 Moscow time. The acceptance of bets ends 2 hours before the start of the lottery. After this time the tickets can  be purchased for the next lottery only. There are two types of lotteries to choose from: "5-36" and "6-45". The essence of these games is to guess as many numbers as possible. All participants who guessed at least 2 numbers in the current lottery can apply for the payment.

The "Demo-game" section  helps with quick understanding of Bitplay Club rules:

  • select the game "5-36" or "6-45";
  • indicate the numbers that you think should be included in the winning combination;
  • press "How much could I win in the previous lottery?";
  • look at the number of matched numbers and the amount of winnings that you could get for participating in previous games;
  • repeat the procedure several times and make sure you understand all the nuances.

Be sure to write in the comments, how much money you could earn in the "Demo-game" mode. I wonder if there will be a lucky person among us who might jackpot immediately?

The cost of one  lottery ticket "5-36"The cost of one  lottery ticket "6-45"
On September 24, 2018, the cost of one ticket made 0.00005 BTC. This amount is equivalent to 23 rubles.

On September 24, 2018 the cost of one ticket made 0.0001 BTC. This amount is equivalent to 45 rubles.

Choose a lottery and click on the "Demo-game" button. For example, choose the demo mode of the "5-36" lottery.

Choose  any of five numbers and click on the button "How much could I win in the previous lotteries?".

We are watching the lottery results. In our case it worked like this: we invested 0.00005 BTC and could win 0.0005 BTC. It means that 23 rubles could have been converted into 218 rubles.

Prize money

Distribution. The size of the prize fund depends on the number of lottery tickets sold. 60% of all collected funds are used for prize money payment. 30% of the money goes to the jackpot payment, and the remaining 30% goes for the payment of prizes to those who guesses several numbers.

The remaining 40% of funds go to marketing, referral payments, administration and website maintenance. Due to such cash distribution, the Bitplay Club project can constantly develop, attract a new audience and make prizes payment without delays.

Payments. The size of the prize payments is fixed and specified in  "Lottery Rules" section. A jackpot is a variable amount and depends how how long the players will guess all required numbers.

The amount of winnings in the "5-36" lotteryThe amount of winnings in the "6-45" lottery
2 numbers - 0.00005 BTC

2 numbers - 0.0001 BTC

3 numbers - 0.0005 BTC

3 numbers - 25% of the prize fund

4 numbers - 0.005 BTC

4 numbers - 33% prize fund

5 numbers - jackpot 5 numbers - 42% of the prize fund

6 numbers - jackpot

Jackpot. The size of the main money prize is constantly updated, so the exact figure is always displayed on project home page. The sizes of the jackpot of the"5-36" lottery and the l"6-45" ottery are different. For the moment of this review writing in "5-36" you can win 1.1 BTC, and "6-45" - 8.5 BTC. Winning "6-45" is more difficult, however, the amount of winning is bigger.

The jackpot is formed on a cumulative principle: if no one guessed all the numbers in the current lottery, then a part of the money is added to the current jackpot and a new amount can be won the next day. If  several persons quess numbers then this amount is equally distributed between all players who guessed required numbers.

Affiliate program

Affiliate program is an opportunity to receive additional compensation for the Bitplay Club recommendation:

  • registrer and get a personal referral link in your personal account;
  • share this link to all friends who are not averse to try your luck in bitcoin-lottery;
  • get 5% from each purchased ticket. The more  of your friends play, the more additional payments you get.

Affiliate payments are transferred immediately after the daily lottery completion and  all lottery tickets counting. If you have any questions about payments, please contact the online tech support chat.

Separate conditions of cooperation are provided for those users  who use affiliate program as business. If this is about you - write a letter to tech support. They will tell all and explain about available options.


Requirements for participants.  None of the users will be able to buy lottery tickets and participate in Bitplay Club lotteries without registration,. Anyone who is 18 and who has an active bitcoin-wallet can become a participant in the bitcoin lottery.

Restrictions. The residents of Aruba, Curaçao, France, Bonaire, the Netherlands, Saint-Martin, Saba, Sint-Eustatius and the USA are not allowed to register on the Bitplay Club website. Residents of the listed countries  have specific traits of national legislation that can not be violated. In the future, this list can be expanded. If this happens, all changes will be added to the fourth chapter of the "Terms of Use" section.

Beginning of work. Find the "Register" button on the main page. After that, fill out the form, read the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy". If the conditions are clear - check the box and click the "Register" button.

Registration form

Organizational part. If registration is successful, you will be redirected to your personal account. First of all, you will see an informational window that will introduce you to all available functionality. Take a few minutes to learn and you will quickly figure how it works. You will be shown account menu location, how to view the details of the lotteries and start the game. Also, you can come up with and enter a PIN code, which will protect your account from hacking.

Completion of registration. After completing basic procedures, you need to check your e-mail and open notification from Bitplay Club. In this letter there will be an activation link, after following which you will get access to all website options. After clicking it, you need to re-login and shift to all options of website personal cabinet. In the lower right corner of the site there is an online chat. Write there in case of any difficulties with the registration.

Personal cabinet

My balance. Here you will see the date of payment and the amount of money that you decided to use to play the lottery. In the same section user can make balance replenishment and withdrawal of the won funds.

The application for replenishment of balance is made through the "Deposit" button. After clicking it, you will see the QR code and the address of the bitcoin-wallet to which you want to pay. The minimum transfer amount is 0.0001 BTC. Here there is an additional subsection ALTCOINS. This is an online converter, with which you can convert popular cryptocurrencies into bitcoin and recharge the Bitplay Club balance.

The application for withdrawal of the won funds is made through the "Withdrawal of funds" button. After clicking it, you will see a special form that you need to fill out and confirm. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. Also it is worth considering that for each payment supposes a commission fee of 0.5% of the transfer amount. The minimum commission amount is 0.001 BTC, and the maximum commission is 1 BTC.

In September 2018 the Bitplay Club site was updated and now you can pay by credit or debit card.

Follow a simple instruction for payment making:

  • fill out the lottery ticket;
  • go to the shopping cart;
  • click the "Pay" button;
  • you will see three buttons: "BITCOIN", "VISA / MASTERCARD" and "BALANCE";
  • press the  "VISA / MASTERCARD" button and see the amount of the transfer, which will be shown taking into account the commission fee;
  • press the  "Pay now" button;
  • set your payment card parameters and follow the standard instructions of the system.

Once the procedure is completed  you will be able to use your lottery tickets.

"My orders" section. This section publishes information about the time and cost of each lottery. Here you can see the list of tickets not yet paid for and buy them before their term expiration. This is an indispensable section for all users who like to make many bets and do not want to miss anything.


"Messages" section in the personal cabinet of Bitplay Club

"Messages" section. User can see here all important notifications regarding the operation of the Bitplay Club website. This section will help learning about all the updates, new features and other useful recommendations on the bitcoin lottery game in a timely manner.

"Settings" section in the personal cabinet of Bitplay Club

"Settings" Section. This section is divided into four functional blocks that allow you making  the following actions:

  • you can go through 2-step verification and protect the account from sudden hacker attacks;
  • you can subscribe to notifications and receive various promotional materials or unsubscribe in case if you are bored;
  • you can set the time for automatic logout from the account if it is inactive. The default setting is 10 minutes, but you can set the time from 5 minutes to an hour. It can also be done for automated logout prevention;
  • you can change the original password.

We recommend that you use all protective measures for security reasons. You can choose the options that will be convenient for you.

"Need help" section in the personal cabinet of Bitplay Club

"Need help" section. This is a reference section, where the answers to all the frequent questions about working with the Bitplay Club website are published. Be sure to write to tech support in case you didn’t find the answer you need

"Exit" Section. After clicking this button you will log out from the account and will not be able to use  all available options. We recommend that you log out from the account every time you can not control the playing place. It will be much safer.

Prospects of bitcoin lottery Bitplay Club

We  contacted the support service and asked about plans for the future. We got quick answer and have been told that the Bitplay Club project will keep involving the customers, adding games and new cryptocurrencies.

New customers. Portuguese version of the site will be launched in the nearest future. This version will be designed for residents of Brazil. In Brazil, there is a large number of users who use the cryptocurrency and play the lottery Bitplay Club. After Brazil connection, the team will continue site adaptation and settle website to the locations where most of lottery users live.

New games. In autumn of 2018 they plan the release of "European Bitcoin Roulette". This is a new blockchain game, the details of which are not disclosed before the release. Simultaneously with the release of the game, the design of some sections of the site will be updated. Developers will  do their best for making an intuitive interface and further simplification of tickets purchase procedure.

New cryptocurrencies. New cryptocurrencies will be added in all existing games. Firstly, the project team will add Ethereum and Dogecoin. After this developers will continue to expand this list and include all popular cryptocurrencies in it. It will simplify the lottery and make it attractive for wider spectrum of customers.


If the Bitplay Club team is able to extend its influence to Brazil, it will significantly increase the prize pool and lottery will become more interesting. If you do not mind trying check all available info about the project, evaluate the risk and try afterwards. Be sure share the result in the comments after tickets purchase.

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