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Baikalika company and blockchain

22/02/2018 00:00
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Baikalika Distributes Pure Natural Water Using Blockchain Technology

In the world full of counterfeiting issues, water is one of the products facing large-scale counterfeiting. So, how do we ensure that the water we drink is pure?

To answer this questions,  Baikalika a company providing pure natural water from massive Baikal lens directly to consumers, is using the modern blockchain technology.

The company stores all their data – volume of water produced, shipping time and destination, coupon data – everything on a decentralized storage platform using blockchain technology. It means consumers will be able to verify the quality of their water as blockchain allows tracking all stages of product production.

Let’s dive into details to know how Baikalika is resolving the problem of ‘pure natural drinking water” with the help of blockchain technology. Let’s first have a look at why the demand for pure water is increasing rapidly.

Importance of Pure Natural Water for Health

Today, people are more proactive than they used to be for their health matters. Thanks to rapidly changing food industry, social media awareness, and technology. They don’t hesitate to invest in health-tracking and time-saving gadgets and practices. As with other elements of a healthy lifestyle, people are paying much attention to the water they drink. Around 75% of our body is water. It is water that transports essential nutrients, minerals, and chemicals to all body parts.

But the problem is quality of drinking water supplied to our houses is not up to the safety standards. Many reports have revealed that there are endless life-threatening toxins in drinking water. Even well-developed countries are facing the problem of unhygienic water and various water-borne diseases.

Important to note – don’t blindly trust the bottled water that claims to be hygiene and fresh. Remember the counterfeit markets!


Blockchain technology to tackle the challenge of pure water deficiency

More and more people are ready to spend on pure natural drinking water for the sake of their health. At the same time, many technology and equipment suppliers view the fresh, natural water sector as a profitable and stable market. Moreover, blockchain technology has stepped up to handle the challenge of increasing demand for fresh water and counterfeit market.

Combining the inclination of consumers and technology suppliers with the introduction of blockchain technology, we can say natural drinking water industry is a profitable landscape for investors looking to invest in it.

How Blockchain Helps Fight Counterfeit Market?

The idea of blockchain is to store, secure and synchronize data between multiple parties in a controlled manner. Blockchain network digitally records and tracks information provided by the owner-manufacturer. Records stored on this network can’t be manipulated, faked, or duplicated. So, it works really well when you need to prove the authenticity of the products.

The blockchain-based anti-counterfeit solution helps manufacturers generate and register unique identifiers for their items in the blockchain database. It helps distributors and consumers validate the authenticity of items they receive. Also, the government can easily track down the parties producing fake products.

So, implementing blockchain technology in natural water space will help defeat counterfeit market.

How Baikalika and Blockchain Technology work together?

Baikalika is one of the very few companies having a quota for distribution of water from the massive Lake Baikal. It’s a 20–25 million years old massive lake that contains nearly one-fifth of the freshwater available on our planet. Considering exposure to environmental elements, it requires huge efforts to discover the ideal water collection point of the lake.

Unlike its upper layers, the lens or core of the lake is untouched by any external elements. This is why Baikal lens maintains its pure composition. Its water has a fresh taste. It contains a high active oxygen content that’s great for a healthy body.
Baikalika brings pure water from this lens of Baikal Lake to the consumer. Currently, the company holds the capacity of bottling up 8.5 million liters of pure natural water, primarily for the Russian market. To raise funds for increasing its production capacity, Baikalika has launched a crypto-token, named BKL. The company secures its own product and through this make the contribution in fight against counterfeiting. Currently, target markets of Baikalika include China, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and many more.

Each bottle will have a QR code, and a simple scan will reveal every single detail about the product. In this way, customers can easily check the authenticity of the Baikalika water.


Baikalika token pre-sale details:

Public presale: $500 000
Private presale: $1 500 000
Presale start date: February 12, 2018

Baikalika token public sale details:

Target: A soft cap of $10 million.
Crowdsale start date: to be announced

Purchase currency: ETH or BTC

The token is supported by Ethereum and conforms to ERC20 standards. Token price and purchase currency is same for both private and public sales. Although, you’ll get 40% discount if you buy BKL tokens during the presale.

Benefits for BAIKALIKA Token Holders

Investment in Baikalika token offers great benefits in terms of health as well as money. Here’s how:

Get personal pure natural water

Each BKL token entitles users to their own supply of premium water. Each token will be worth 1,200 liters of Baikal lens water.

Sell water to grow your money

Besides this, Baikalika introduces a business opportunity to the token holders. Baikal water costs $0.03/liter to our token holders. However, the same costs $1.5/liter in the Chinese retail market and 0.8/liter for distributors.

Token holders can consume and even sell the water to distributors or in the retail market. Selling to retailers will yield $1,800 for one BKL token and selling to distributors will earn $960 per token. In any case, you can grow your money with BKL token. Under the repurchase program, buyers can get water at a lower price than the usual market price.


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