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  • Cloud Mining

    Would you like to participate at digital currency mining?

    But your recourses are not enough?

    You can find lot of cloud mining offers but remember to pay attention to our verified companies list.

    Such stable companies is almost win-win investment option.

  • Cryptocurrency rates

    Modern cryptocurrency market is related not to BTC only.

    Our mining calculator will help you to understand which digital currency is the most profitable to mine.

    Our portal presents nearly all currencies together with information about their mining complexity. will tell you everything about the world of cryptocurrencies, mining and internet investments.

  • Hyips

    Would you like to earn at internet investments?

    Our portal will provide you with the information about the most perspective HYIP projects in the following three categories:

    Ultra profitable  – from 5 to 15% daily.

    High profitable – from 2 to 4.9% daily.

    Middle profitable – from 0.1 to 1.9% daily.

  • Bitcoin games

    This section is designed for gambling fans. Here you can find good internet resources, where you can play and earn Bitcoins.

    Economical games, online casino, roulettes, slots, dices and even minesweeper.

    Our list contains both simple and realistic games and the games where you have to think about correct strategy.

    Enter Bitcoin games and make your bets.

  • Bitcoin Faucets

    If you have just started your journey in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin faucets is a rather convenient way to earn some satoshis.

    Earn Bitcoins without investments.

    You can find the most profitable faucets in our top list.

    The list contains all required information such as claims interval, the amount provided for one time and minimum withdrawal amount.

  • Cryptocurrency rates offer convenient instrument of cryptocurrencies exchange rate monitoring. portal will provide you with the most up-to-date information about exchange rate fluctuations.

    Assess the profit from timely purchase and sale of own assets.

    Get maximum profit at stock exchanges.


Pseudo Mining

This section presents programms saying that they are doing cloud mining. While despite true legends and some formal indices on these web sites we have no confirmations about the presence of the capacities for cryptocurrency mining by these services. We are prone calling them the “pseudomining” projects. As soon as we get confirmations about these projects reality we will move them to “cloud mining” section».

Our website team provides you with up-to-date information about these projects, while our monitoring will help you to select best offer for getting profit in Internet.

Pseudo Mining HYIPs Listing with Test Deposit

* — Real profit can differ from the one stipulated in the chart as it depends on various factors such as deposit plan, period during which the investor acts as project member, availability of promo events at the moment of investment.

Min. deposit
Enwy Payment systems: AdvCashBitcoinDOGELTCPayeerPerfect Money Added: 10.10.2017 Language: Works day(s): 12Pseudo mining
0.001 BTC

Investments in BTC, LTC, DOGE, USD.

Minimal withdrawal: 1$, 0.001 BTC (Instant).

Profit from 2%/day for lifetime.

0.043000 BTC 0.013244 BTC
Days: 11
2.8%/day*Paying Latest Activity: Receive paymentDate: 21/10/2017
Miningbot Payment systems: AdvCashBitcoin Added: 09.10.2017 Language:
Works day(s): 14
Pseudo mining
0.001 BTC

Investments in USD, BTC.

Minimal withdrawal: 0.005 BTC (Instant).

Profit from 2.74%/day for lifetime.

0.042000 BTC 0.011508 BTC
Days: 12
2.74%/day*Paying Latest Activity: Receive paymentDate: 19/10/2017
Telcominer Payment systems: Bitcoin Added: 01.04.2017 Language: Works day(s): 205Pseudo mining

Investments in BTC.
Minimal withdrawal: 0.005 BTC (Auto).
Floating interest for lifetime

0.047954 BTC 0.045892 BTC
Days: 202
0.49%/day*Paying Latest Activity: Receive paymentDate: 14/10/2017
Review (5)
Mining-Cryptomoney Payment systems: AdvCashBitcoinNixMoneyPayeerPerfect MoneyЯндекс Деньги Added: 05.04.2017 Language: Works day(s): 244Pseudo mining
0.1 $

Investments in BTC, USD. Minimal withdrawal: 0.005 BTC (Instant).
Accruals from:

  • 0.3%/day;
  • 0.5%/day, at the end of the period (90 days) the initiated deposit will be refunded.
  • ~5%/day, floated profitability, at the end of the period (120 days) the initiated deposit will be refunded.
0.072945 BTC 0.015111 BTC
Days: 131
0.21%/day*Paying Latest Activity: Note at reconciliationDate: 20/10/2017

* — Real profit can differ from the one stipulated in the chart as it depends on various factors such as deposit plan, period during which the investor acts as project member, availability of promo events at the moment of investment.

Status Description:
Paying - Paying regularly, there is no problem with the service
No deposit - No test deposit
Not paying - SCAM / closed
Problems - The service has problems with enrollment or with payments
Removed from monitoring - Removed from monitoring
Table fields:
"Amount" - Amount of test deposit
"Paid" - Paid at the moment USD, percentage of the return, the duration of the contract with the service
"Profit" - Profitability % per day
"Min. deposit" - Minimal possible deposit
Green Bar, EV extension to the SSL certificate
One full circle = 365 days
Warning: HYIPs investments are highly risky, never invest the amount, which loss will be critical for you. The real income may differ from the one presented in the table, since it is affected by many factors: the exchange rate, the time of entry into the project, the availability of promo events at the time of investing.
Hyip news
The new ultra-high-profit project - investments in ICO start-ups at 10% per day

ICO is an excellent way to invest in innovative companies that may be the next Google or Microsoft. 

How to foresee scam. New realities in HYIPs world
The fall of powerful HYIP projects has become unexpected surprise even for lot of professional Internet investors. The only natural question which arises in this situation lies at the fact of possibility to foresee sudden scam of specific HYIP. Below we will try providing criteria helping to ge...
20/10/2017 is a fresh money box, launched on October 16

The temptation of plans like money box is primarily that the investor is promised a deposit refund in fact at any moment.


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19/09/2017 18:53Answer

halo admin can u try invest at micro-btc :)

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