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Decentralized blockchains repair development from Apollo fund

25/09/2018 10:59
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Decentralized blockchains repair development

On the 24th of September, the Apollo Fund has announced about the release of mechanism related to safe blockchains update. This application is titled as the Updater. The recent development of Apollo Foundation has the possibility of blockchain update by means of blockchain transaction usage by thus impeding from hard forks creation and warranting the error-free operation of each node making blockchain parts.

When expanding on the options of this product Victor Konovalov the SEO of the Apollo Fund mentioned that this new development will allow smart contract quick and efficient integration together with adding new options to the blockchain. Mentioning this he stressed that this development will serve as the tool of long-term goals achievement without the necessity to divide blockchain into old and new versions and the possibility to make real-time mode updates into the blockchain model being in their possession.

The importance of Apollo fund blockchain recent development can be confirmed by the imaginative situation of what would have happened in case of Updater usage in other blockchain related projects. Just to set an example. Bitcoin hard fork is connected to the block size amendment, while the usage of the blockchain Updater’s safe updating mechanism can completely avoid such situation. With each amendment of cryptocurrency protocol kind and the option of anonymity adding the Apollo fund development can avoid network issues and warrant its integrity.

Speaking about the tasks of Updater development Sergey Rohvarg, the chief developer, mentioned that the release of Updater has allowed digital signatures adding to their network. Such updates should prevent network overloading with fraudulent signatures and transactions. This development has allowed chief data updates without the creation of hard forks prompting blockchain acceleration. The Updater helps with the prevention of issues during automated renewal algorithm installation, being inserted in the operations via the Apollo fund nodes. According to the statement of Rohvarg new application release allows checking and comparison of update releases and making settings amendments with a digital signature with simultaneous monitoring of history amendments. Such installations help to protect from hackers and non-approved updates from third parties resources.

The Apollo Fund has released the newest all-in-one cryptocurrency focused development related to the insertion of each convenient crypto option without privacy removal. Apollo plans to get the status of the most multifunctional cryptocurrency on the market and releasing their second principal update in the nearest future. Hermes 1.0 should make Apollo be one of the fastest cryptocurrencies among the existing ones.

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PR contacts:
Anton Repnikov
Official Apollo representative, Head of PR at TTM.Group
Telegram: @podajoir

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