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ССА tokens-new business model

20/02/2018 00:00
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ССA tokens and CCA business model

Composite Cylinders Advanced plans to establish a global holding company to produce Type 4 composite cylinders with a dozen production plants for each local market.

The Head Office of the Holding is the R&D Center which is setting in the Prague, Czech Republic. It will be responsible for development of the production technology and licensing of local production plants. R&D Center revenue will be formed sales of Type 4 composite cylinders in the EU market and licensing of production technology to local markets.

Local production plants will be established together with local partners / investors, including the CCA Token holders. Our partners will be responsible for organization of local business, sales and administrative support. CCA will be responsible for the technology and production of Type 4 composite cylinders. Each local production plant will be licensed by CCA R&D Center.

Thus, we want to create the global holding company with considerable number of local production plants. To raise funds, we will issue CCA tokens within ICO.

The blockchain technology, in contrast to crowd-funding, allows without considerable time and money to sell the tokens and distribute them to the holders / investors, thus attracting the necessary direct investments in the project.

The blockchain technology allows to issue CCA tokens and keeps a register of Token holders in the automatic mode without the involvement of outside specialized organizations (Depository, stock exchange, auditing companies, state Supervisory authorities) whose activities are strictly regulated.

There is possibility to startup initiators to attract funding in any region of the World, even where poorly developed markets of venture capital and crowd-funding. There is no need to bind the project to any country or jurisdiction.

The possibility of attracting investment in projects whose parameters do not meet the high requirements of traditional venture capital investors, e.g. 100% security deposits, own funds and documentary evidence of realized investments, elevated expectations on investment returns and so on.


CCA tokens advantages

CCA tokens project task is to support economy real sector: production of Type 4 advanced composite cylinders

Token holders will have the opportunity to convert tokens into shares of local production plants. Each Token holder can become a member of CCA team and become a co-owner of local production plants which is built in his home country or any other at his request.

Also, Token holders will participate in the CCA profit distribution (“buyback program”). CCA global holding company will generate permanent cash-flow from different markets and products which will diversify risk of CCA tokens.

CCA project will attract new investors into the cryptocurrency due to the possibility of obtaining permanent income from the investment in CCA tokens.

ССА tokens will provide this sphere sustainable development coupled with the development of advanced composite cylinders production

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Author: Akhiyarov Timur CEO of Composite Cylinders Advanced

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